Just remembered Rylan saying “this is well nerve wrack!” on his X Factor audition.

kill dad

Should have polled the flavour for added fun.


It was pretty fierce along the banks towards Thornham - quite difficult to walk in a straight line with the sidewind! All safely accounted for though.

Small question for all the Q-heads out there. Does snooker happen all year round?

do you want to come with me to get a coffee? okay then


You live in a nice place thankyou for allowing me to join you


I love this new game. Best thing barleysugar has invented.


Having one of those moments when I’m failing to do a really fucking basic admin task because I keep making so many stupid errors. So frustrated with myself and my stupid brain

Had a nap and now I feel a bit ill.

Have you been to the iCafe on GWR? They advertise a pistachio hot chocolate in their window that I want to try but it’s in an odd place.

yeah go there now and again (including this morning). I’m not actually the biggest fan of it though.

I miss DiS Through the Keyhole, that was a short-lived but great feature


I’m hoping we get a lot of journeys tomorrow

Can you kindly try the phc next time and tell me if it’s worth it

There’s one on woodlands rd the west end end which might be closer to you? Maybe.

The big hot chocolates i used to post last year when studying are from there. Were very handy for studying at weekends as they stay open til like 9 i think

Nice tiles.

doubt it. if it’s closer it’s by less than 100m anyway

I will attempt to facilitate this soon!

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