Overjoyed mate, obvs :+1:

Bowie at Glastonbury 2000 on BBC4 right now. Get on it lads.

Mangos AND papaya!

Glad you found it funny.

My second favourite form of cola, after Lime Coke Zero.

Look for me in the crowd. Blonde hair.

These cookies are the easiest things to make ever so if you like PB i recommend making them ASAP! Guaranteed mood lifter x

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Look for me in the crowd. Front row centre.

I don’t have any good news to share really but would just like to say that you’re an absolutely top notch bloke and I really hope you feel better soon.

Oh, wait. I do have good news to share: I just ate a packet of habanero chilli corn nut thingies. They weren’t horrible.


Can you screenshot yourself?

In ere somewhere

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I’ll overlook the fact there are clearly four ingredients, these look really good. Will make asap.

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was gonna go and see White Denim tonight but then i watched some live videos and realised i don’t actually really like them much

feel a bit bad skipping it as i’d told a work friend i was probably gonna go. though i’d have just ended up getting pished in some shite club or something like any other time i end up drinking with him and his friends and tomorrow would have been a write off

Hey Marty, sending all the hugs your way. You’re such a top guy, I want you to know the other day when I was feeling not great your video of you singing really cheered me up. Xx


Thanks Witches! Glad to be of some help! Hope you’re feeling better, you’re an absolute hero. X


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Sorry that sounded really narky, I’m not narked.


Really not sure what you’re getting out of this?