Satturday Thread

Alright then? Off to work in a minute, been raining though so that’s nice, and a bit less fucking boiling today. Tell me about your much more interesting Saturdays please.

Ha was just about to make one and you snuck in there. Currently doing an Epimer. Then breakfast and clear the lounge of detritus.

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We’re off to pick up our fresh new German whip in a couple of hours.

Might go for a run and watch Leeds not throw it away against us this afternoon

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What on earth does this mean


Dr. Jones?

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  • Cereal
  • Scrambled eggs on toast
  • Sausage sandwich
  • Fry up

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I think Aqua were Norwegian.

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A new car funky. Don’t get meridian Dan down in the south West hinterlands?


Mate we barely get indoor toilets.

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Morning @anon19035908 et al

I started a Saturday thread but was too slow fannying around with cloud emojis. So I’ve moved that thread to the lounge.

Plans for today?

  • maybe go to the tip
  • make some rolls
  • make pizza later

At the moment I’m doing none of those things.


You should go to the tip, the tip is great.

Thanks for the tip advice


I’m also off to work in a couple of hours. Slept like dirt. Need to go back to bed really.


After several weeks of 530 wake-ups and 10 days of waking her for nighttime temperature checks and calpol, the silly baby slept through until 7:15 this morning. Feel like a new person.


Ooh a sausage sandwich now there’s an idea.

Morning! Grey day here …got absolutely no plans which is boring.

Might drag kids out for a bike ride between rain showers which haven’t started yet.

Might make pizza for tea but we have no mozzarella…

Glad for a bit of rain, to clear the air and put off the tourists.

I’ll be solo parenting most of the morning after the other half rolled in past midnight drunk. I’ll be following the Disney plus method of parenting.

Hopefully I’ll get to pop into town at some point. Our bathroom plug isn’t doing the job, I want a 12" square frame from Tiger and some plain 330ml glasses. I ordered the Haim LP from Resident too so hopefully I’ll get the mail saying I can collect that.

  • Sausage sandwich
  • Full english

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Happy Saturday

I’m still falling down my sausage youtube hole