Saturday 01/08

Classic Tilts :wink::joy:

Remember the dreads make everything seem worse and like the end of the world. I’m sure everything is fine and you don’t need to worry :+1:


Well… are they? If so own it IMO


I think i said it more than once.

And yes, they are.



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I mean I don’t stray too far off brand.

God why tho. Also rememver explaining at great length how his kid should go and see as many musicals as she could and should go to the globe.

What’s wrong with me

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Looks too hot. Staying in. Might make vegan ribs later.

New Animal Crossing bugs to catch! Highlight of my week tbqfhumble.

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Yeah, exactly. Loads of them, sewn into a wallpaper.

Good morning friends,

My little sister is coming over later. Yesterday she sent me a cute selfie and I started crying a little bit because she’s so adorable and I’m so excited to see her :sob::heart::partying_face:

Having a bbq and making boozey banoffee pie. Going to get drunk and have a bloody lovely time. Oh god how much Enter Shikari is she going to make us listen to?!

Love you!


That’s from quite a dark place in my camera roll actually because I used to take increasingly sinister close up photos of Miffys in Schipol while waiting for flights back from work trips and send them to 'er indoors.

Simpler times.


Oh also someone I met in a pub about 6 months ago has asked me if I want to meet up but they’ve suggested a pub with a small garden that you have to go through the pub to get too and it’s making me super anxious but I don’t know how to suggest another pub without sounding like a fussy weirdo :sob:

I should’ve been taking me mam to see enter shikari in a month or so for her birthday. Hope you both have a lovely day!


She’s a lucky woman!! A lucky woman indeed

  • The future doesn’t exist
  • A wall of furby faces and skin

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ah fuck i need to exercise today as well


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I am very excited for breakfast. Please see mindless doodle for confirmation of this:


I would rock a tote bag with this on


My football team are having an intra-squad tennis tournament today I’ve picked up a lotto headband so I can look as much of a prick as possible.

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Dards on granada


That’s so cool! You have a talent there my friend :blush: