Saturday 17th December 2016


What’s going on?

Booze n food for me.


There was a certain boozy tone to some of your contributions last night!


pretty depressed this morning, I might start drinking already


Football this morning and then football Xmas night out later. Will try to do some marking later but probably won’t.



Was aiming to get out of the flat an hour ago but my alarm didn’t go off so I’m still in bed feeling cosy. I may regret this decision later but that is future WizardLizard’s problem.

What booze n food have you got lined up?


Rookie error.


Go for a run!


Off for a slightly hungover run in a moment, and then I’m meeting up with my old five-a-side team for our Christmas match and meal (This year it’s Dulwich v Tonbridge and a food near London Bridge somewhere). Depending on timing, I might try and get people to head along to the Dream Themes Christmas gig afterwards.

Last night’s Outsider Pop gig was great fun. Awkward Silences and Keith TOTP are always good, but it was the first time I’d seen Fightmilk do a full set, and Marlon Brando Island were excellent as well.


Hang in there buddy, if you want to chat about stuff then feel free to vent!


Boris were fucking brilliant last night, pretty much everything I hoped it would be. Really want to see them again, doing a normal set. Bought this shirt and everything:

My ears are fucking killing though, would have been good not to forget the earplugs. Also had a few too many bevvies afterwards and I’m feeling it now.

Doing some morning mastering (though all I can hear in my head is the my vitriol song @ma0sm did) then watching some illegally streamed awful football and going round to a mate’s for her birthday. Should be a good one.

Have a good saturday everyone!



Mornin team,
Last nights work shindig was good fun.
Today one of my all time dogs from oz is back in town, and my pal has some bands on at the old hairdressers later.
Gonna be boozy!!


That tshirt is making me feel like I’m on a boat


Hi mewt. In studio today and tomorrow, got so much to do. Was gonna go farmers market and xmas shop today but forgot about it. Guess ill do it all in the week.


Lovely foggy morning out


To be honest looking at that picture isn’t doing my hangovers any favours


Off to Altrincham, which on the face of it doesn’t sound great BUT there are a couple of good pubs and a decent food thing there so should be good :slight_smile:

In other booze news…

Was out on Thursday and ended up in the local paper…
Look at the back of my head!

Did you have any plans? if not - embrace the bedtime


I went to Altrincham once. What an experience.


Those are just made up band names!11!


Hey man… that dawnwalker CD arrived. It looks sexy as fuck. Some good artwork there :heart_eyes: