Saturday 17th - what's goin' on?

Bit of Marvin Gaye right there.

You all well? Business good?

You find me on the bathroom floor. Been here most of the night; youngest has a sickness bug and is not a well bunny. As a result, i feel like a bag of spanners.

Need to walk the dog, then there’s football to ferry eldest to, pizza bases to make, and jeez also a nap, please a nap.


Morning - work
Afternoon - not work
The afternoon looks better on paper.
Saw a big rat in the garden, not keen on that.

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Park run
Partick Thistle


Morning all!

Standard Saturday morning of cartoons and coffee, followed by drama, more coffee and fast food.

Wor Lass might go through to see The Twins later but I don’t want to count my empty and child-free houses before they hatch.

We have an oven now so might do something roasted for tea or christen the new oven with fish fingers or a frozen pizza.


On my way home. Fair to say I stayed out too late.


Morning DiS

Today will variously include taking Jimbo to Loading, the sea front gaming cafe, maybe a trip to the Lego stop, a pint at the Basketmakers on the way back from town, and who knows what else. Might go on foot so that Jimbo gets knackered and falls asleep early tonight



Walk dog
Watch football
Either go out for a meal or more likely just order a Local Indian

Might treat myself to a bath this afternoon.

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Tea in bed right now

Everyone else is going out for breakfast so me and the dog are going to have fried egg sandwich and more tea in a bit.

Love is blind

Chill stuff isn’t it.


Will do some housework then go on a walk. Off for a shop at tk maxx later


Morning :wave:

Lovely bright crisp autumn morning today. Still in bed and don’t have too much to do today. Going to make chicken satay for dinner so I’ll prep that at some stage. I really needed a quiet weekend so I’m disproportionately happy

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Just woke up after dreaming that we saw @anon73286315 across the road and I was embarrassed of him seeing us cos I was linking arms with my partner in an oddly posh way

Anyway I think the neighbours are shagging

Hello! It’s my atd’s birthday today and I’m supposed to go into London to celebrate with her but the way people are talking about how choc a block London is I’m panicking just thinking about the journey :pensive: I’m such a shit friend

You’re really not, I think that’s completely understandable with everything that’s happening at the moment xxx :heart:


Why aren’t you going out for breakfast?

Going out for breakfast is one of my favourite treats.

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Morning DIS :raising_hand_man:
Still in bed, on coffee No. 2 and Radcliffe on the radio. Still v. Fuzzy after Friday night wine.
Todays list;
Walk dog
Visit beach to go surfing (no child or dog… a complete indulgence). 2 hours drive tho :flushed:
Pick up something for dinner
Film of somekind

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Honestly Keith. I don’t like going out for breakfast.

Hate smell.of coffee, not mad about meat smells, hate having to get up and ready and out and then it’s half nine and I’m starving.

Dinner every time.


And this is why we’d never succeed as a DiS super couple.

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Heartbreaking isn’t it.


Ooh - I just remembered that I made cold brew yesterday. Good work Past Rob!

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Might make a second attempt at getting a new phone in a bit