Saturday 20th March thread

Get up DiS! C’mon, we can do this.

it’s the caffeine…


Been up since 5 with the boy. Tip trip booked in for the afternoon which is the most fun you can have during lockdown! I’m very excited for it!


Up early with the bairns club member here.

Got a mate coming to stand in my horrific garden later and consequently spent an hour or two at about 4am, wondering if I can quickly tidy it up before he arrives at 11.


Morning all!

My knees ache from football and The Child is eating a bunny crumpet from Aldi. She hasn’t even complained about watching Bing.

Wor Lass is working all weekend so I’m lead parent. We’re going to make some pasta cards for relatives and go to the park if the weather is OK.

The hashtag cheeky Nando’s signal has been activated for this evening. I’m also going to drink gin and watch Blood Simple, probably.


1 more for the up with the kid(s) crew. Ours is in a real funk today and is ignoring me and chucking cornflakes around.

Today’s plan is walk/playground/coffee, fix my bike, maybe go buy some posh beers. Actually that doesn’t sound too bad :smiley:


Substitute gin for some beerz and you’d have a cheeky wee suitor ya crafter of fine evenings ye. Mrs Keith watch yourself.

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She’s currently occupied crocheting a replica of a jumper she saw Prue Leith wearing so she’d probably appreciate someone keeping me entertained.

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Up early, no kids, just went to bed straight after the footers, exhausting week. Gonna go do The Big Shop at 8am like an adult, do some gardening, bit o soccer, listen to some tunes. Maybe some long overdue bike maintenance…


Hi pals the kid woke me up at six but was happy to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in bed while I dozed. Did you know They Might Be Giants wrote the music for that? The Hot Dog Dance is a banger.

Had a dream that it was Record Store Day except instead of queuing at a record shop like a big idiot all of the new releases were thrown in to the freezing cold sea and you had to jump in and grab what you could.


Ahm oop. Gonna nail a coffee and a banana.

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Been wide awake since the back of 7. Not sure why. :thinking:
Wee place down the road that I really like is opening today for the first time in a few months to do takeaway. :+1:
Then think maybe a barBq later with my bro, sis in law and my members. :+1:


same. think i’m gearing up for the clock change next weekend.

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Members?! :thinking::grinning:


Dentist. Cannot think further ahead than that.

Morning. Been up since half six.

My dad’s having an operation to fix his busted hip this morning. Managed to speak to him briefly but he was off his tits on morphine.

Going to sit around watching cycling all day I reckon.

One of those Saturdays where I don’t exactly know what to do as I’m waiting on something work-related that may or may not happen around 2ish so can’t reallly go to my studio or anything like that in case I need to rush off to the 2 o’clock - which could require me being there all the way till midnight

But the the 2 o’clock might not happen so I’m tempted to just sack it off so I can do something with my weekend instead

Hate waiting around

This is a boring post I know

I was beginning to think you had started recruiting for an exclusive club.

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Hot Dog!

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Jumping frog!

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