Saturday 23rd - the ides of March (or something)

Alreet? Isn’t really 15th March, i am aware of that.

Saturday, about bloody time. Solidarity for those who are working, or queuing at Dover/airports/motorways.

TV is working so I’m solo parenting. The plan today? Convince a 9 and an 11 year old they want to go see a Caspian Gull! A seagull? Essentially indistinguishable from a Herring Gull aside from the beak size? Can i get a hell yeah!

Soundtrack for the day is my latest jam:



Travelling back to my hometown to meet a load of mates for a picnic to remember and celebrate my best mate’s wife’s passing. Gonna be pretty heavy.


You’ll do her proud chap, and it’ll be a chance to spend some time with your best mate. He’ll need you in the months to come.



Got to:
Clean the house
Load of washing
Take dog for long walk
Drive kids here and there
Go out to Bath for pizza and wine
Remain relatively fine wine wise as V has load of friends coming to sleep over

@rich-t xx sounds like a tough day


I’m in Guernsey for my BILs wedding!

It’s sunny, I’ve woken up far too early and I seem to have loads of jobs this morning. My husband is snoring besides me and I want to go for breakfast!


I’m taking my youngest daughter for her second dose of the covid vaccine. She’s requested sushi afterwards, and then wants to trawl some charity shops.

After all that I’m heading to Brighton for a gig, where I’ll hopefully be grabbing a drink with some lovely DiS folk.

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Morning all!

I think we’re going out for pizza to celebrate The Child finishing nursery. I still need to find activities to keep her occupied next week.

She was awake for an hour at 2.30 so I feel like a ray of sunshine.

The kid ran in to our room at 6:00 this morning and shouted “WE’RE GOING ON HOLIDAAAAY!” although I’m not entirely convinced she really understands what a holiday is. First time going abroad since 2019. Can’t wait. Just want to get blackout drunk and relax.


Morning all :wave:

Am still well and testing negative so that’s a good thing. Going to mask up and get some provisions in for the rest of the CCB family and begin some Holiday At Home activities like it’s 2020 all over again.


Alright gang

I’ve got a child free day today, with the rest of my brood off to London, so I’m going to go on a big SUP around the meanders of Cuckmere Haven down to Seven Sisters and back.

Hopefully it’ll all work out that I can go for a beer with @weeber later too



Feel a bit sorry for myself, going to make chai and feta/ham toast though - the highlight of the day.

Tidying up day today, looking forward to it tbh.

Where you off to Hank?

Looks like he’s straight from a matrix sequel i.e. Very cool


Norway on a cruise, looks chilly, quite excited about having a week pretending it’s autumn to break up the summer!


Listening to Cocoa Sugar with breakfast of melon, alpine strawberries, Nutella, walnut bread, boiled egg and soldiers

Probably go putting by the seaside shortly


I’ll be travelling to Rotherham, a pittoresque village in Yorkshire.


Very windy on Islay this morn. Probably go for a big walk and a wee dram or two. Off to a wedding tonight.

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I’ve taken my mum on a trolley dash in Dunelm, I’m absolutely buzzin mates


Listening to a 30 minute podcast entirely about a Wookieepedia dispute about what the crystals that go into lightsabers are called

  • If I’m in bed I sometimes put my phone on the floor and put my head on the edge of the mattress looking down at it and interacting with it
  • Not that

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