Saturday 23rd - what you saying?

Morning all, hope you’re all well, and thoughts and prayers to those who posted in the “knobbed” thread last night. Hope the hangovers go easy on you.

Solo parenting this weekend, as the tv is off to big London with a pal for cocktails and a show. Kids have got playdates this afternoon, so I’ll sneak off to see if i can see some avocets.

I am mostly listening to this tune - while the new Rolo hasn’t fully grabbed me, this song is an all-timer


That Rolo is AotY stuff for me.:grin:

Today is 12 hours of work and I CBA.

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Off to a NT place with family for mega late mother’s day and birthdays celebration.

Woken by dog woofing at stuff at 5.20 so going to feel like a long day.


8yo has a football match this morning

Might take a look at a RSD record shop or two



Slicks I just wanted to put on formal record that I love your dog. Want to give them a big cuddle. My dog used to look like that - he’s pushing 13 now, so is mostly grey and lumpy, but still awesome.


Morning troops, love ya all! Have a great Saturday whatever you’re doing.

We’ve got my eldest’s final skate session which I gojng to be fun, and then I get 40 minute roller disco. It is legit ace.

Then afterward a promised walk and then movie afternoon with snacks. I also need to do a bit of tree clipping as it is in the way of the basketball hoop, and my mate has offered us his old 3D Panasonic 4k telly so I’ll go and pick that up.


Morning all!

I’m awake with The Child. She’s really gotten into the Ceebeebies live shows recently so we’re watching The Tempest for the fiftieth time.

I’m doing my writing class again this morning while she goes to drama with Wor Lass. We’ve apparently volunteered for a play date with her annoying friend today so I’ll have that to try to hide from them this afternoon.


Aaaawww thank you. He is an excellent pooch. As are all dogs I reckon, never met a bad one :star_struck:

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Watching 80s music videos with A. Not sure if she’s as into them as I am.

Will take it easy today, maybe a walk in the park. Might buy a record or two.

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Awake between 1-4. Starting to wear very thin. I know she can’t help being afraid of the dark, but wow, I’m close to losing it.

Play date in the park this morning and nothing else doing really.

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02:30-02:45 wake up
02:45-03:15 prayer time
03:15-03:40 breakfast
03:40-05:10 workout
05:10-05:40 post workout meal
05:40-12:30 cryochamber recovery
12:30-14:20 watch united get beat again
14:20-14:25 family time / meetings / work calls
14-25-19:00 go watch the cricket
19:00-22:30 go watch sea power
22:30-23:00 workout #2


Meeting Ol’ Ma Bugduv for breakfast, followed by a few hours of football then listening to the boxing on the wireless. Got some swanky pizzers for tea. Not had a beer all week, which for me’s like a year. First dry Saturday’s going to prove a challenge.


In typical shrewbie fashion I’m off to Belgium

Big family gathering which i can never really be bothered with but is usually fine once I’m there


Classic shrewbie


Alright? Nice morning. Been for a walk to get some rolls and sausages. Will watch Saturday Kitchen then get the snarlers cooked in time for the football.

Not much else to report. Leftover Local Indian for tea later, I think.


Morning! No plans, bit of a foggy head.

May take a walk over to a non-RSD record store later as they have some DJs and discounts today.

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Here he is. All kinds of grey. Still handsome mind.


Might go to John Lewis for a treat, after putting together a sofa

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Morning, off to go fishing. Then ill listen to some records and watch some football for a bit. Shopping later at the outlets as i need some new sneakers.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday!



Sprinkled a bit of salt in my porridge this morning just to see… Surprisingly makes it nicer.

No real plans. Need to pop Sainsbo’s for a few bits.