Saturday 8/9


I went to bed too late and woke up too early so I am not running on an ideal amount of sleep.

Going to a fire station open day later in the morning :fire_engine:

That’s about it.


Morning :flashlight:, :ghost:

It’s cold up here. The Child has been awake since 6.00

I’ve had toast, Nutella and coffee. Might have more coffee.

Football this morning and then probably groceries. If the England game is on free TV, I’ll probably try to watch that. We’re eating a Nigel Slater grilled spicy chicken recipe tonight.

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My brain read this and I wanted to know more.


Morning team! I used to love a fire station open day! They’d always involve this guy I believe

Working today, expecting an exceptionally dull day. Going to buy some lamb ribs from the butchers counter for tea though.


Is he nude aside from the boots and helmet? This is breaking HR rules left right and centre, surely?

Went to bed at 10 and woke up at 6 so I am GRUMPY

He seems to be wearing some kind of safety jacket/belt too, but I’m pretty sure he should be wearing trousers to teach kids about fire safety.

This sound like fun. Enjoy!

Not too much going on here. Taking the dogs and kids for a long stomp around the woods in a bit and, apparently, I’m being subjected to Strictly Come Dancing this evening. I’m going to counter this with a horror movie afterwards (post-kids bedtime).

Oh, and it would seem that today is my cakey day. Must get cake.

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Probably about to go trouser shopping.

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Got work to do today I’m hoping to bash out on the train back from my best mate’s. Then a heady combo of climbing, music, and vidya games as I’m home alone.

All at the same time?

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Yeah, like is it a bring your own fire kinda thing?


Always enjoyed the fire/police station open days.

Brothers wedding today! Should prob write a speech or something



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Dickhead neighbours must not be in, because I wasn’t woken up at stupid o’clock by anyone hooting like a gibbon. I feel well rested.

The Netrunner stream starts at half three, so if I want to get anything done today it’ll need to be before then. Might pop to John Lewis to look at house things. Might not. Then I’ll set up the turbo trainer in front of the telly and see how my undercarriage gets on with my new saddle, while watching people run nets.

Thinking about making that vindaloo that @keith posted the other day. Will probably get pizza instead though.

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Morning weekenders

Working the late again. Prepping for stocktake, yay. CBA


:coffee: & :pancakes:

Where are you off to?

Seville is lovelyyyy.

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Oh, man, I love that city.

It’s a long time since I was last there, but it’s great. Cracking food, people, architecture, weather - it has it all.

Have fun!

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Had to much gin last night. Still got some packing to do.

The man/van said he won’t be here til at least 2 so got a bit of time.