Saturday 8/9

Had to much gin last night. Still got some packing to do.

The man/van said he won’t be here til at least 2 so got a bit of time.

Hey folks.

Its my cake day.

It is well worth it - you’ll need to start prepping early though as it’s about a 3h cooking time in total.

Trip him up on the way in so you get top bunk.

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I posted in the wrong thread!

Must still be tired.

Got no coffee left

Planning on visiting this

or this

Not sure which yet.

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Up early to go to Yoga at the gym (first day). Turned out they couldn’t find a yoga teacher so it ended up being 40 minutes of Pilates instead of an hour of yoga.

Doing chores now, gym induction at 2pm and meeting the family (including @he_2) this evening at the Harvester. Looking forward to it.




Pretty sure I’m still pissed. Picking up my new glasses, going bo’s then plan to spend the rest of the day watching the test match. May go for a coffee with a pal during the lunch break

Woah! Good luck man. Knock em dead.

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:notes:What day is today?
:notes:It’s @unlucky’s cake day!
:notes:What a day for a cake day,
:notes:Let’s all have some cake!

(And you smell like one too!)



I am going to eat all of the cake.

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Going to Henley Show. Which everyone assumes is the Regatta and I must be some pink chino wearing Tory.

It’s an agricultural show, where they have cows, sheep, llamas (sometimes) and loads more including horses. Gonna ramble about looking at nature things and drinking really. They always have tents with awesome food and drink too.

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deep breath

:notes:What day is today?
:notes:it’s @weeber’s cake…

…etc etc etc…


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ahm oot


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It was mine yesterday… #jussayin

Under his eye.

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It’s a handmaiden’s tale joke for idiotdickheads