Saturday 8th May - morning thread

Morning DiS, hope you’re all grand.

Been up since 430, had the AZ jab yesterday so my brain has been trying to work out whether I’m feeling rubbish or not. Overthinking it as usual.

Who’s got the best plans for the day? Who’s eating the tastiest food? I’m tempted by a trip to a fancy gastropub, The Feathers near Wylam, if I’m not feeling rubbish. Also tempted to go look at a rare American bird up the coast.


Well I’m awake to early as usual but luckily not hungover as I’m off to the gym in an hour.
Not up to much, just starting out of the rain.

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Very wet outside so staying in and doing a load of nonsense work whilst watching the telly I think.

Currently wondering if anyone will bring me tea and looking at dogs.

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morning. I’m off to play a frisbee competition. it’s meant to rain a lot.


Morning, I’m just about to head in to the Town Hall to witness how many votes I didn’t get on Thursday.


Good luck Weebs!


Good luck!

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Shit weather, going to work, thats all.

Morning all!

I’m watching YouTube videos of people playing with dolls at the request of The Child. I preferred Power Rangers if I’m honest.

I’ll be playing football later and then probably going to buy a bed.

No idea what I’m cooking either, which is unusual for a weekend. I’m tempted to do a curry but I think we’ve had quite a lot of curry in the last week or so.

Awake since 5. Working today. At least the weather isn’t giving me FOMO

I collapsed on the street yesterday after having a sudden and terrifying dizzy spell. Suspect it might be labyrinthitis having read up on it but got a doc appointment on Monday. So that’s worrying me too. Happy days.

Morning all. There’s something really evocative about a wet Saturday isn’t there? I can’t quite put my finger on it but it takes me right back to my childhood in a way that no other weather/day combination does.

Day’s plans: go to buy some shoes for the girls, watch the pointless football on the livestream, make pizza, watch a film with the cheeksters

Oh gosh that’s scary, hope you’re okay. (I had something similar happen to me a few years ago but I think it was something to do with my ear)

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Armstrong in nets and Osman up front?


Morning all.


Was woken at 7 by the rain hitting the window. Really CBA

Urgh. I’ve had this. If you’re still feeling dizzy, it’s most likely that. I hope you’re not still feel ok Ng dizzy, though :weary:

Might as well!

(Kings Lynn are third from bottom in the National League; we’ve got no money because 90% of our income is gate receipts; but there’s no relegation from the league this season so there’s nothing to play for. Also we keep losing so that’s another way of interpreting the word “pointless”)

Also I’d imagine Osman has a decent touch for a big guy.

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Couple too many beers last night

Got coffee and records on

Nasty out so will be housework and maybe doing some work that I could do with getting out of the way before Monday

Pub and pizza tonight


I’m hungry.


Torquay going up though!

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Something similar happened to me a few years ago too, really horrible experience, hope it sorts itself out soon.

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