Saturday: A Thread

Hello internet acquaintances. What do you have going on today?

I’m having coffee and eggs and watching Seinfeld. Then im off to band practice. Later i would like to eat some pizza. I dont think that’s too much to ask.

Need to have a shower and then go out and pick up a parcel from the sorting office. Cannot be fucked. Can someone go for me plz

Oh crap i need to do that too.

Morning. Breakfast (egg and :avocado: on toast). Then travelling to my fiancée’s parents. :beer: festival this afternoon and maybe dinner out after. Should be a goodun

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Morning ezzer, morning nicola.

I’ve got to go see a house sans wife at midday. But before that coffee, delicious coffee :coffee:

Edit: morning rich, morning two nine.


Might shampoo my carpet. It’s all go here!



coffee club reprazent :coffee:

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Morning eric, pniks, rich-t, J_I, 29.

I’m up surprisingly early after watching Chelsea win the league last night. Got to do some writing today, followed by some flyering work and a job application (bleugh). Going for dinner with the TV later, that’ll be nice.

I am going to sack a fair bit of the morning off to play Pokémon though.

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Just had some tea and some beans on toast. Will make coffee after I’m back from the sorting office :ok_hand:

Need to do that with the carpet on our stairs. What are you using?

Morning team, gonna have a cuppa and do some reading.

House party and bbq later, boom!

Morning e4 +all

Couple of people are coming over for Eurovision and curry/pizza tonight. Stupidly booked in to give blood this morning which means I can’t drink later. Gonna make a cup of tea and watch telly in bed then maybe go out for brekkie

I’m staring into the void.

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Ha! Did you ever get this finished?

Nah played about three hours but the joke got a bit old and i cba.

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The football bores have probably pored over this already


Not sure about your new profile image. Scared I’d stepped into some terrible TV forum, there.


You’ve properly stuck Roots Manuva, Witness in my brain. It’s no bad thing.


Morning all. Eggs, guacamole and sourdough toast for breakfast when I can be arsed to get up. Priority will be a pot of tea! Not much on today. Seeing that there Alien film this evening. Worried it won’t match the dizzy heights of Prometheus…