Saturday Adventures

Morning all!

Wor Lass is doing another craft market so we’re all up (watching awful videos on YouTube, as is tradition).

I’m taking The Child to drama and then we’ll go and see how the commerce is commercing.

I’m meant to be making stuffed cabbage leaves for tea but I’m not sure I have the concentration. It might be fried rice.

Have good days please!


Morning all :wave:

I’ve got to drive to Didcot for a family get-together with the in-laws. It’s already fraught with difficulty but nothing significant enough for the family difficulties thread. Serious case of the CBAs.

The eldest’s Spotify playlist is pretty good these days so that’ll keep me entertained on the drive.


Awake early for no reason as is the law of the cruel cruel weekend. Listening to the Morrissey episode of Bad Gays whilst Fig is trying to bite my toes.

Got a tour for a nice group later, whilst m’s off to see the Turtles film as its that £3 for all films day - she’s asking me to prep her with all my Turtles knowledge but she walked away when i started with an intro to Leonardo Da Vinci.


Football! But train strikes mean it’s fun bus there and back :cowboy_hat_face:



Yesterday proved just how little prep I have done over the summer so today involves work, picking up more school uniform, more work, takeaway burgers, more work :rofl::rofl::scream:

Still, had a fun summer so well worth it :dancer:


Terrible cold continues. The wife has it too. We don’t really ever have colds at the same time, i am not a fan.

Swimming lesson for the wee man and then we need to go collect the raphael soft toy that he has banging on about.

Think a takeaway later might clear my airways a bit.

Are you starting on Monday? Good luck :revolving_hearts:

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Can not wait to give her my ted talk on the whitewashing of hip hop culture


It’s great that she made it all the way through your explanation of nuclear physics and the process of genetic mutation/ evolution though.

Give her some credit.


You don’t need as much as you think.

I know - I am simply making it to Wednesday but they kind of need tray labels and peg labels and all that nonsense that takes time and cutting and laminating :rofl:

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Baldur’s Gate PS5 release day :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

Can’t wait to get my sexy tiefling bard set up. Will probably spend an hour just on the character builder.

MotoGP and dog walk before then.

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Baby and kid slept well at camping. Parents did not :man_shrugging: Currently drinking a nice coffee while the kids maraud around. Farm park later with some pals.

The Primary Teacher’s Burden

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Tempted to go see Jurassic Park


I mean if it was up to me I’d say hang your coat where you like and you don’t need a tray it only gets filled with rubbish.

But thought I better toe the line for a bit given that I’m new :rofl:

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Woken up before 6.30 by the bastard cat. The plan for today was to go to London to visit some friends and their kids today, but there was a mix up with plans so now my attendance is no longer required. So I’ve got most of the daytime free now - it’s looking like a nice day, so I maybe a beer or two, maybe a sea swim, who knows?

Morning all,

absolutely destroyed. after painting, putting up shelves, clearing rubbish and moving sofas i was up until half 2 putting records on shelves and still only half way there. Dog and youngest woke me up after my wife went to work at 7 with cuddles whihc was nice/annoying. Gotta go pick up a sofa and hopefully get it in the house before going to supersonic with a good friend. Really looking forward to it but also worried i’ll just collapse as its the first time i’ve not be working/doing house stuff for what seems like forever. I could cry i feel that tired this morning.

Still, im fucking lucky so best shurrup!

Have fun out there people and good luck xx

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Only just woken up. So that’s nice. No plans. Have a think about somewhere to stay in Brighton in a couple of weekends time, a walk and maybe a trip to the local for their beer festival

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo!

I’m tired, got heavy legs from a bit more biking than usual this week, and need to/should tap out a 12 mile run today. CBA levels off the charts.

Kids are generally out and about all day, so limited driving them about, but the 2 hours of running is looming large. Could also do with doing some work before heading back in on Monday.