Saturday Adventures

Also awake too early for a weekend, uncool man

Could drag myself out to badminton but I think I … won’t. Pick that up again next weekend!

Also considering the £3 Jurassic Park plan @Unlucky

Keep having really vivid sex dreams

Brb zzzzz

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“For that 1 or 2 pint feeling” How’s that gonna work if it’s 0.5%

Up and working. Finishing this afternoon to go to Psych Fest, which I’d be more excited about if everything didn’t clash. Snail Mail, Flamingods, Crocodiles and TVAM all playing at 8 ffs.

Just realised there’s boxing in town tonight too so town will be extra cokey and fighty after that.

One of the things about barely having any coffee in the last fortnight is that you get a REALLY good buzz from just one mug

You have to drink 10 of them


I am a husk of a human being . Bed now for the foreseeable

Preach GIF


In The London. ABBA tomorrow. Might try and see these robot swans today.

Any recommendations for the usual DIS friendly stuff (and meat)? Staying in Stratford but can easily make it anywhere Eastish.

Football at 3pm and chores but otherwise taking it fairly easy as I’ve got a half marathon tomorrow. But the kiddo has vomitted all over me and now I can’t figure out if I feel a bit sick because I’ve got whatever he might have or because that’s a pretty normal reaction to someone else being sick on you. We shall see.

Kiddo is sick again so we had to cancel a play date. Spent the morning removing carpet and old glue residue from the stairs, and now trying to borrow a sander.

Going to our neighbours’ housewarming later which will be nice. Hope the baby monitor stretches otherwise we’ll be partying only on one side of the house :clown_face:

Been to a pal’s son’s Bar Mitzvah this morning, so that was two hours at the synagogue & a nice little kiddush buffet afterwards & there’s a dinner later tonight. All of which gave me an excuse to wear my favourite flashy coat which gets about 1 outing every 2 years.

Gonna go home & take an afternoon nap now though because the night before last the cat came in with another live mouse at 4am - which we failed to catch and so found some hiding place … and then last night around 3am I was half-woken by something crawling up my back. It took my sleeping brain about 1 and a half seconds before FUCK …I jumped out of bed suddenly realising what it was and saw it leap & scurry away

So yeah, averaging 5 hours sleep a night this week. Thanks Shades, you arsehole


G’s coming up to spend the day with me and we’re going to try and get my ear pierced and then I dunno, maybe get on a train to somewhere?

Need to leave in an hour, I’m still in my pj’s.

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A woman on the train is proper kicking off with her son. Shes just said she wont do his washing ever again

Say hi to your mum from me


Feeling rough with a combination of Covid and a hangover.

No plans for the weekend at all anyway, but suddenly being robbed of any options by the lurgy is a bit shitty.

  • Go to Reading Pride :rainbow:
  • Go to a place of natural beauty :deciduous_tree:
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Can you close the door to the room which has the cat flap? After this behaviour from our cats (including a live sparrow at 3am, and a live mouse god knows when that appeared in our son’s room), we now close the kitchen door, so they’ve got a room to shelter in, but if they bring in any “gifts” at least they won’t disturb our nights sleep

Am doing this, fuck the :sunny: