Saturday Adventures

Morning all!

I’m awake watching YouTube with The Child as usual.

My brother is staying and we’re going to watch some bands later.

Wor Lass is out for lunch and we’re going to the trampoline park after drama.

I haven’t had breakfast yet but I’m drinking a cup of smokey tea.

What are your plans?

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Going to work in a bit, but cba levels are off the scale. Riverwise Jr is on her first visit to a prospective university, which makes me feel very old


Been awake on and off for ages, mainly as heating wasn’t turned off and dog thought half 5 was breakfast time :laughing:

Had a tea

Think it’s dog walk in the mud and then not much

Maybe a lasagne for dinner


Weather is shocking again, got drenched on the 5 minute walk to the gym.

Not much today. Gym, swim, brunch, life admin, house tidy.


Park run then to Gfs, that’s it I think, oh maybe a chinese


Was gonna do boring stuff like changjng the oil in car, but so far have achieved staying in bed with coffee. Looks grey and depressing outside.

Stay safe and dry! X

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Drinking coffee and listening to Wings. Been up way too long with the kiddo. It’s shitting with rain.

Got friends coming for lunch then it’s Copa Libertadores this evening. Not a bad day.

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About to take a bairn to gymnastics. Then another one to swimming later.

Just finished a night shift so my Saturday adventure is going to be sleeping. Can’t wait. Nighty night.


Going to Westfield!


Alright lads

Was meant to be working on the coast today. But the weather is sheeeeeeeit, so postponed. Gonna make pancakes and chill today. We may do some firework watching later.


Morning all :wave:


  • drag my arse out of bed and have breakfast
  • pop out and get a bulb changed and look for a bike for the youngest
  • SSPP but at lunchtime
  • being dragged out against my will to help out at an event that the Cheeksters are attending

Water pressure for my shower was dreadful, know fuck all about what causes that so some research today, I guess.

Need to go buy the kiddo a winter coat, quite tempted to get myself some plain black Vans while I’m out shopping. Then a light and sound show (environmentally friendly fireworks) in a park nearby and maybe the South American football in the evening.


It’s pissing down again.

Need to take the flooring up in the hallway - think that’s about as exciting as it gets today.

Need to go and get something for dinner. Probably do a bit of cleaning. Watch some SPORTS.

Going to the tip later

Will a bath screen fit in my car? :crossed_fingers:


Still feeling ill and sorry for myself, when asked if I’d like anything from the shop to make me feel better I said ‘yes please, profiteroles if that’s ok’. No idea why such a strange request came from my mouth, it’s like I was momentarily possessed. Don’t even really like them and I’m trying the be as plant based as possible. Wonder if this possession will be made into a scary documentary.


Bought some dungarees with bees on, hope they fit and don’t look like an 8 year old


but dressing like an 8 year old as an adult is one of life’s great joys!

alright team?

had a haircut booked yesterday afternoon. got to the barbers to discover that my barber had gone home ill earlier in the day (they did not specify the exact nature of the illness). i’ve rebooked for this afternoon, with the same barber.

SO, what do we reckon?

  • you’ll get your haircut today
  • no chance
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Waiting for a haircut. Only 2 more to go and I get a free one.

Going to see some fireworks later. That’s about it.

Sorry @nebulousdread this was badly timed.