Saturday afternoon


Somebody tell me to stop letting my pure-ocd anxieties get in the way of me enjoying a healthy sex life with my long term partner. My latest rumination is an irrational fear that maybe sex is irresponsible because there’s a 1% chance she might get pregnant. That, and a bunch of other stupid intrusive thoughts making me obsess over all the potential outcomes. Ffs

Anyway how yall


Off to watch some bands at Outlines fest. Only watching a few because CBA and the venues are actually quite far apart.


still in bed, can’t believe I let the mcdonalds breakfast elude me


Big fan of having a separate morning and afternoon thread :slight_smile:


Booking flights etc to San Sebastián, well flights and trains etc.
Quite fancy a vino or maybe a beer, hmmmm


Still in my pyjamas. Friends are coming here to watch football instead of pub so beer run soon


Hungover out of my skull, apologies for venting on here, proper cringeworthy. Off for an inaugural practise with my new grunge band. Pure Nirvana rips, but just for a laugh really. Then Krautrock Karaoke t’night I suppose.


I’d love a cigarette ffs


Yeah, I bought my first pack in months the other day. Enjoyed it. Bad man.


Gonna go for a walk while the thinly veiled plays the new Zelda all day.


This daft mug


this is my saturday morning


Afternoon threads now? Blimey


Looking beautiful today Edinburgh :sun_with_face:


got up, went to kfc, should have stayed in bed. whenever I eat kfc I hear the song ‘hurt’ in my head


Been out to Chatteris to prove that I’m still the biggest penoid in the Fens. I finished Top Penoid.

Now I have a massive headache and would like it to go away, please.


Watched a lot of games of rugby today, and Strade Bianche bike race. Also done a booze run for later. Awaiting visitors and the walking, pizzer and beer


I think we might have stolen Edinburgh’s sunshine (sorry Witches)


Hmm what to do, what to do…


I would like a biscuit but I have no biscuits. Probably going to have a slice of toast.