Saturday, an excellent day

Pouring down and i cant be bothered getting out of bed. Going to a friend’s for lunch and then a neighbour is coming over tonight and I’ve demanded she bring me a Vego bar for guaranteed entry into my flat.

Happy birthday @anon75298087 and @iamwiggy

What’s everyone up to today?


Hey scout. Working the late shift (again) at work today. Not gonna do too much this morning though.

Meeting a pal for coffee, think that’s all of my plans. Should probably clean my flat.

Happy birthday ding and wig, two of the best

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What time’s the late shift?

12-8 with an hour’s travel each way

Eugh. That’s a crap shift time. Sorry pal. Hope it goes quickly for you and you can enjoy the time either side of it

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HB SCOUT!!! Have an amazing day :tada:
Also @anon75298087 and @iamwiggy! Big day for birthdays on here, some of the real big-hitters.


Meh, it’s fine. Get to spend the morning with the baby at least.

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Thank you. Officially the wrong side of 30 now though. Or was that last year?


Happy birthday @scout, @anon75298087 and @iamwiggy :partying_face:

Still sick, but getting better. Might make the trip downstairs today. Realised that I haven’t had any of my proper meds in days so am freaking out quite a bit. Still gutted at having had to cancel my plans for the day.


Sorry you’re not well :disappointed_relieved:

Have you got help with R?

Over 30 is the new under 30 anyway. I’m 4 1/2 years in and I don’t miss it one bit.


Oh shit hb too, Scout! Hope it’s a goodun

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My 30s have been 10x better than my 20s so far


Why can I never remember where you live? Anyway, do you have any greasy spoons for coffee or is it all chains or hipster stuff?

I assume most places in the world have identical coffee shops these days but I’m hoping some greasy spoons are thriving


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Scout @anon75298087 @iamwiggy :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Still don’t know what we’re doing today. My boring side says stay home, do some sorting and save money, my fun side says do something fun instead.

Had a lovely Friday evening in the pub. Thought it was Sunday when I woke up. Can you imagine my joy when I was informed it was, in fact, Saturday and I have the whole weekend before me :hugs:
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend x


Oh what a bonus regaining a day like that. It never usually works that way round.


Now I really want a coffee.
I’m so suggestible.

Why not have a coffee and for breakfast have pesto on toast?

It’s Brno, CZ :slight_smile:

There are a lot of really beautiful cafes and hipster places. There are no greasy spoons and the sausages and bacon here are pathetic so they’d suck anyway. I miss English and Scottish breakfasts a lot, but my arteries are probably happy about it.