Saturday and all that

Morning! Been awake since 5.30 because the cat decided it should be that way. Got work in a bit then will probably get the fire pit going and have dinner outside while the weather’s good. What are your exciting plans for Saturday, June 22nd then?

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Found Ed Sheeran themed tomato sauce in Tesco last night. Truly, we live in marvellous times


Yeah we’ve got that disgracing our cupboard too.

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Driving to my parents to drop kiddo off with them. Then going to Brighton for a baby free day, which hopefully includes beers on the beach and nice food. Picking up our wedding rings as well. But the prospect of a kid free day is much more appetising


Glad I switched to buying any old own brand shit long ago…

I’m going to look at puppies this morning :smiley:

Having a BBQ tonight.


Hiya :wave:

Hope you all have a swell day


It’s a neat throwback to the 90s, when the Outhere Brothers released their own limited edition “BOOM BOOM BOOM! Let me hear you say” mayo




I am going to be child free from 11am onwards. I’m very tempted to have some lunchtime beers and then just go back to bed.


:grinning: What type?

Hi team. The nursery which my daughter is leaving is having a family fun day and bbq so we’re going to that. Should be a laugh. Going to kiss the teachers, but then my youngest joins in November so that’s cool.

Then… Bed time. We are going to be up 4.30am tomorrow for them to fly to Canada. I’ll be without them for three weeks or so, which is shit.

Expect me to be moping about mentioning this a lot.

And I’m sick. Hard core. Fucking summer colds.

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I was woken at 3.00 by a bedwetting incident (The Child, not me.) I’d only gotten to bed at midnight after watching Mulatu Astatke. Eventually got up at 6.50 to provide milk and toast and Paw Patrol.

We’re considering a double gig evening of black midi followed by Theon Cross.

I am The Tired.


Morning all :slight_smile:

It’s Mrs CCB’s birthday today so I’m going to

  • make a stack of pancakes for breakfast
  • take the family CCB to the place where they used to film Springwatch (trade off with the girls is that the morning is spent traipsing around looking at birds and the afternoon is spent in what is a genuinely excellent outdoor play area)
  • make pizza and watch The Lego Movie 2
  • maybe sit outside if it’s nice tonight

Need to get my lazy arse in gear but am feeling a little groggy if truth be told.


Sympathy and solidarity.

I’ve got my fingers crossed mine fades before I go on holiday next weekend.

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Yeah yeah :roll_eyes:


Ey up chums,

Just romped through a double helping of the mini cereal packets with milk.

It’s nice outside! I suppose that means I may leave the house…

Have lovely days everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


Cairn Terrier

One of these doggies will be ours



Oh my word!

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It is my birthday, going to make an oven pancake then watch the roller derby. :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday you absolute fucking punk :tada: