Saturday and all that


Sounds horrendous, tbf.
Get thee to the pub and enjoy :blush:

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At Handmade Burger Co. @Gnometorious talked me into sharing chips.

  • Absolute rookie error
  • What is wrong with you two?
  • You’ll be ordering a second portion when her sister gets here
  • Mackerel frittata oooh and add peas
  • I’m outing myself as a chip avoider
  • We also bought a ‘house’ which appears under the salad section, might have some questions for our conveyancer on that.

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I have ordered poorly and ended up with this depressing, lifeless tropical oatmeal IPA.

I miss the drum circle.


I’m in pint 2 ½. This not working malarkey is alright

Pub is playing the beach boys. Having a grand old day of it.


Yeah yours looks much nicer. Though tbf I’d rate this as, “not terrible.”



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hi Saturdayers

off to a street party (apparently it’s still the 80s here). Went yesterday too and it was a bit rubbish, but it’s nice weather and I’m trying to be more sociable atm so off I go!

Have had a nice relaxing day so far, hasn’t been as hot as expected. Enjoying it whilst it lasts…


Send help. A long sweaty summer.


Heaven forbid that they might just be enjoying a walk in the sunshine with some friends

the fuck is tropical oatmeal

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was planning on driving miles away, camping and then doing a mahoosive hike tomorrow but turns out I can’t actually be bothered. so altering the plan slightly to short hike tomorrow and proper bed tonight.

so thought I’d tidy my flat a bit but now I’ve started I’m realising how much I actually have to tidy and urgh bored

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A sad mess, my friend. A sad mess.

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Can someone please help, what are these types of lights/lampshades called? Do they have a specific name? I’m trying to find some that don’t cost ten billion pounds.


Best snack ever

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Correct! Big fan of ginger. Love GRANOLA!

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flying saucer lampshades

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For those of you not following the dog thread, we’re having this GBO puppy in 4 weeks time :slight_smile:

Home now and just lit the coals for the BBQ.


Stupid pudgy fingers keep hitting the flag instead of the heart. Sorry, mods!


Had a lovely day with my family until the bus journey home. GF and I gave out shit to two people who were being massive racists and now I’ve found out I failed my exams.

Going to read about Chernobyl and watch my GF play video games for the evening.