Saturday and all that

Alright? Awake far too early as usual. Going to work in a bit but finish at 2 so not too bad. Might jet wash the back garden if it’s not raining later and then start the big clearout before we move. What’s happening today then lads?



Woken up earlier than planned cause I’ve been washing my hands a bit too much and they’re hot and throbbing and gross which is lovely.

Waiting on a delivery of food and litter for the cat, no treats this time so I imagine she’ll be bereft.

Meeting friend for sausage rolls later. Potentially going out for drinks this evening

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Oh! You’ll appreciate this. Gonna have a packet of scampi fries for breakfast.


The only sensible way to start the day. Might have to order some now, get a whole board in.

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Really fancy some pork scratchings but have to wait cause I’ve had to postpone a dentist appointment and I don’t want a repeat of the time I had to go because I’d cracked a tooth and the dentist was like “oh my god! What happened?! Did you fall over or get an injury to your face?” And I had to explain that no, I’d just been eating a Brian Harvey special with too much gusto when hammered and in my excitement had chomped down on the fork


I reckon dentists see a lot more pork scratching related incidents than you think. The danger is all part of the fun of them.

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Also one of the only foods you can eat that might also have a tattoo!

This is now the funclehouser and Kermit pub snacks thread.

What are your thoughts on nuts babes?


This is now the lads mag thread.


Awake too early. The in-laws have gone so I’m really enjoying the peace and quiet. They were here for too long.

Not planning to do ANYTHING today.




Not my first choice tbh but i like dry roasted. Always work best of you get a pack of, let’s say S&V crisps, and a bag o’ nuts, open them both out and mix them up together.


Just made pancakes for breakfast with the silly kid


Morning :sun_with_face::sunflower::sunny:

Way more hungover than i deserve to be

Stil thinking about how good my dinner was last night, bit emotional about it.

Going to Brighton in a weather inappropriate jumpsuit to meet even more babes of dis :heart_eyes_cat:


Really hope I pass my covid test and can see people today :crossed_fingers:

I’m not going to pass my covid test

Think my relationship is over too


Oh mate :pensive: sorry to hear that


Man, that’s rubbish. Sorry Tim :disappointed:


That sucks, I’m so sorry to hear that Tim.
Hope you get to do something nice for yourself today x

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Morning, I’m also off to work and finish at 2. So snap. From then on our days take different paths though as the pressure washer broke and the move to Brighton didn’t happen. Have fun!

Got to pick up a present for a five year old. Not sure what that will entail.

Then a couple beers and then said five year olds party

Do you want any gift advice?

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