Saturday and I'm on my way (home)

Love all the safety foods. Delicious and protective.

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Festive breakfast.


Just got home from work. Treated myself to a breakfast wrap from McDo.

Off til the 27th now (on call on the 26th but won’t be any bother).

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I’ve got bike ride train train bike ride ferry bike ride


Last gym session of the year then getting my hair cut and coloured. Have to pack my bags for going away and then babysitting the nephews tonight before an early start tomorrow. Going to be a busy day.

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Take Jimbo to a Santa’s grotto at Preston Manor later, but we haven’t told him yet. We were meant to be going to watch the start of the Burning The Clocks procession later too, but the forecast is currently “pissing it down”.

It’s not actually raining right now though, so I might get dressed and do park run.

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Communist block


OOOO (out of office on)

Building up the energy to wrestle the cat into her box and take her to the cattery. My Mum has advised bringing waterproof clothing with me when I go home, which makes me concerned that she’s planning doing Christmas in the garden.


Morning tilty, morning everyone. Saturday and I’m on my way (to work for what’s probably my last shift until 2020). Met more lovely DiSsers last night, which was a great way to spend Friday evening.


Packed the family off to the airport this morning and about to get the cat to the cattery. I’m in work on Monday before I drive to Devon but, I have the whole of tomorrow to myself which I’ve got to admit I am really looking forward to.

Is this what you meant?

Hit Sainsbury’s at 7.15 thinking I’d beat the crowds. I did not.

Morn’ team. A night on the sludge has left me a tad delicate this morning. Have a lot of plans today including filling a hole around a light fixture in the ceiling, fitting a dimmer switch, doing a veg shop but I’m prioritising pick up extra joy-cons for christmas Switch fun times and have found an Argos deal that comes with a copy of Mario Party so just gonna play that all day with my wife innit.


Morning all!

I’m off work until January but nobody expects me to do anything so I don’t set Ooooooo.

I might go to the shops but that’s as far as I will be travelling.

I hope you have respective safe journeys and straightforward days at work.

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Might have a massive great bloody walk today

I said walk

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Yeah you’re right I had to reread


Out of office not on cause I’ve got work on monday

But only Monday

So as if I’m actually going to really bother

feel like crap. going to have to call in sick to work, which I don’t want to do.

Feel a bit shit. Full of cold.

Having a pre-xmas/my birthday day with the gf. Presents then going to see Home Alone then for a nice meal (Red Onion)

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