Saturday and its hijinks

Morning all!

I’ve been awake since just after 6.00. We’re currently watching Xmas content on Disney +.

The Child has drama this morning and then some rearranged swimming classes this afternoon.

I’m making a curry tonight.


Hey up my lovelies

Got to get up, cook some eggs, tidy up and clean, take R to revision session (on a Saturday! ), dog walk, meet friend for lunch, buy some plants, home for something butternut squash based fur dinner if anyone has good recipes




I’m currently making a veggie chillie for Dame Kelly Holmes.

Off to an 18th birthday party this evening (not mine).


There’s a really nice butternut squash sticky rice recipe in the Green Roasting Tin. It’s an absolute favourite in our house.



Trying to decide whether to Park Run, should probably give a miss to rest my hip but kinda want to see if it’s any better than last week.

Probably going to Thistle need to decide if I get lunch out on the way. Probably shouldn’t as think gonna get chips for tea.

Then off to Gf’s. Light drink some fruity ciders

Big fan of dirty pages of cookbooks


I swap out all of the herbs and use harrisa for some reason but this is really good. It’s the filling I used for an open pie at Easter.

There was a delicious Meera Sodha version of this that I used a few times a few years ago but I can’t find the bookmark now.

Edit: See below. The burritos are good.

Variations of this are a staple of my meal plans. Add more vegetables though.

Edit: This is the recipe I meant. It’s excellent.


Sign of a good recipe!

I got gymnastics with one bairn. Swimming with another.

Here i am, stuck in the middle with you.

Morning everyone. Just having breakfast.

Some prick is watching me


Woke up at 5:30 for no reason. Alternating between tea and coffee for now. Might go to the tip or possibly even buy a garden shredder

Three days off, no plans!

Couple of films I want to watch so need to do a cinema trip at some point. Other than that it’ll be watching the rest of Sharp Objects and maybe The Diplomat. Can’t wait.

The motorcycle gang woke me up twice last night which was disappointing. Really no need for it. They’ve been quite good lately.

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Two of DiS’s official favourite drinks!


Morning all.

Just got up and put the dirty dishes from last night in the dishwasher and binned the red onion that has stunk out the entire flat.

Almost packed for my Lake District adventure next week. :biking_man:


Morning! I was awake before 6, so I got up and went for a paddle board. It was glorious out there, and so peaceful. A real balm for the soul

The fair has come to our local park, so I’ll be taking Jimbo along to that later


@shes_so_high I’m on the outskirts of Yeovil :smiling_face:


No hijinks. Only naps.

Had a dream that I hosted a big debauched drunken mess of a party at my parents house with loads of random people there (and some mates from school years) and my clothes kept falling down. Someone said to me my jeans were falling down and I saw in the mirror my arse completely out. What does it mean?

Means you need to buy a new belt


I had a horrible dream where I dreamt this quite well known indie promoter had promised to put me on, but I was late and then he berated me in front of the audience and everyone was laughing and I kept thinking I hope this is a dream but it went on and on and on.

Never been so glad to wake up.

Also had some really philosophical arguments with a friend about various things. She was touting ‘the the’ principle.