Saturday and the suns out

What you doing?

I’m currently in bed waiting for her to wake up (been waiting 2 and a half hours so far :/) so we can go for a run

Then time to BBBQ in the sun shiiiine

Not much else on, which is nice

It’s my stag do from approx two hours time until Monday. 26 degrees later and I have no idea what we are doing or what they’ll try to dress me up as. Ffffffffff…


Lads lads lads!!

(Congratulations, I’m sure it’ll be fine)

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Double thread day? I took too long.

Morning all!

I was up at five feeding The Child.

I’m at a wedding all afternoon with the Armitage family. Ceremony at 2.00 but photos from 1.00 which means I can’t play football either. Hopefully I’ll drink my weight in free wine.

BBBBQ with the in-laws.


“constructed using rubble from the demolition of the original Wembley Stadium”

:open_mouth: wo, didn’t know it was existed. Enjoy!

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Feel even worse than I did yesterday! Great!

I’m doing a 12 hour shift in a cramped portacabin with too many people in it and there’s currently no coffee on site :scream: :scream: :scream:


Oh my Christ :skull:


Morning. had a terrible sex dream involving ant and Dec last night. Uuuurrrggghhh.

Other than that,up and might do some garden stuff.

BBBBQ sounds good idea…


Hahah wtf! We need more details pls!?!

The important people dont arrive til 10 so there’s no coffee til then. I had a moan and they’ve given us nescafe. Ffs.

Was meant to wake up hours ago and get the bus to Dublin but here I am, hungover as fuck in the TV’s house.

Off to see Grouper tonight but will be meeting some absolute All Time ATD Dogs beforehand. Can’t wait to see them.

Will probably have a quiet day in today. Have had the week off and been out and about quite a lot, plus the tv hates nice weather cos he’s weird/ginger. Wish we had a garden that wasn’t shared and overlooked by a block of flats

Very envious of Grouper! Less so of the hangover.

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Got a BBQ and party this evening for a friend’s 30th. Prolly go for a climb this morning. Working on record label stuff now.

Woke up at 6.30 feeling fresh and listened to some Hayley Henderickx in the sun whilst drinking coffee. Great start to the day.

Have an invite to drinks this afternoon but I have loads of terrible thesis stuff to do so will see.


Good morning! En route to Bristol for fun in the sun. Still got my Yo La Tengo glow from last night, what a band.


Me too. I’m wearing the t shirt to prove it.


Not sunny here. Woke up really early so scared I’m going to be mega tired in a bit.

Need a ‘holiday’ haircut.

Coffee’s on the hob.

There’s a nice market at nearby church so may go to that.