Saturday and the suns out

Looking nice here. Already pretty warm when I went out to get the paper at half eight. Might have to dig the shorts out…

Morning team. Fucking shattered. Up past 3 due to the awful thumping bass coming from the Wetherspoons down the road then awake at 7 for no reason other than my brain presumably hates me. Not going to do anything much today past watching Soccer Saturday and eating crisps.

@London people would I need to book for breakfast at ottolenghi spittalfields on a Thursday?

I can book but would rather not as don’t know what time I’ll be up but guess if I book might give me a reason to get up…hmm.

I have just woken up. Working into the evening today, so this lovely sunny day is wasted for me.

Hmmmm, I really don’t want to relive it. Safe to say it was not good though…served me right for letting kids watch BGT before bed.

What was the terrible part?

I’ve only been to his Soho restaurant for breakfast (mmmmmm shakshuka). I’d recommend booking. It was very busy.

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Off to ELY EEL DAY ™

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Ant was on the right instead of the left


Cool have done so.

Another q for @Londoners Any recommendations for breakfasts around Euston.

Got little routine going of walking to coffee shop sat morning with the boy and chilling out. He used to be ok with a water and a breakfast item. Now it has morphed into a carton and some delicious choc crunch thing


Morning all, off to Live at Leeds today but I’m going alone this year as the TV is on holiday. Listening to the official playlist to work out what’s worth seeing but so much of it is so dull. Gonna see Ash and British Sea Power play the hits then seek out some bands with women in.


:honeybee: going beekeeping in Kennington this afternoon. :honeybee:


I’m in the office on a Saturday. Hopefully only for an hour though.
I needed to set some code off that takes 3 or 4 days to run, but the previous steps hadn’t completed before I left yesterday and they didn’t finish until 9pm in the end… Seemed wasteful not using the long weekend to just set stuff off, and it will make my life a lot easier next week.

Then I’m off to my parents to watch Stoke City v Crystal Palace on the tele.

Wow. Is it your first time doing it?

Morning all! What a stonkingly lovely day it is!

Played some Zelda, been to have my hair cut, drank some cold brew coffee. Going to do some exercise in a bit then celebrate the lovely weather by staying indoors and making music all afternoon.

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So far today I have done 4 loads of washing, painted a ceramic tea set and played a 7-a-side match in the sun on the AstroTurf on our estate.

I am very sweaty & tired & totally charged up with static electricity and trying to grab 5 minutes peace in the shade before making lunch for 8


Still totally blissed out from YLT last night.


Just been for a swim here. Lovely conditions.

No plans at all for the rest of the day, which is nice.










Saturday night’s alright