Saturday day - I feel the air is getting hot, like you baby


It is that hallowed time of the week again: the weekend, but with a day’s buffer before work dread starts setting in.

I have looooads of chores to do around the house (laundry, tidying, putting away stuff I’ve gleaned from my grandad’s flat). Our bin has disappeared so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with my rubbish bags, but next door is being totally gutted/renovated so they probably don’t have much use for a green bin?? Who steals bins anyway though???

Then in the evening I’m going on a night out with 3 of my friends from my old job. HATED the job, LOVED these guys (they were the only people who were around my age out of about 50 people). Should have good booze and bants, then at least one of them is staying on our sofa. It’s so nice to finally be able to have friends to stay without it being a huge deal <3 also they are encouraging me to wear my tiara. YES.

Tl;dr: :put_litter_in_its_place: :dress: :lipstick: :nail_care: :beers: :beers: :beers: :dancer: :dancing_women: :sleeping: :sleeping:

What are you doing today, pals? (featuring an emoji tl;dr please)


Nick. The. Bin. And report back on the mission!


Might to to a park to play Pokemon, if it’s too cold for me I’m just going to write a lot even though I slept on my hand weird and my little finger hurts

:selfie:t5: :deciduous_tree: / :couch_and_lamp: :woman_technologist:t5:


Just out with my mates


Not really got anything on. Probably do a bit of work. Gonna make stir fry later.

Flatmate asked yesterday if I wanted to do something this eve. I said yes but was secretly thinking I cba will get out of that later.

Emoji: :sleeping_bed: mostly


Didn’t make the park run. Going to see this is the kit at an in store soon before seeing them again tonight


The use of ESA in this Tweet has done me from a DiS POV


Steal the bin Pervo! Steal the bin!

I’m going for a walk to put up posters promoting a festival my mates are putting on. Doing that all day and then it’s a friend’s birthday, followed by more rehearsal and then we’re going out for drinks.



Eva and I are watching frasier

Supposed to go on a beack walk today but it’s pretty grim out. Gotta find some breakfast first.


Just seen a post on my local FB group

“Hi all just looking for recommendations for photographers who can do baby cake smash.”

I read it about 10 times and then asked my wife what it meant out of desperation.

People are the worst


You are Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch and I claim my £5


Erm can you explain for those if us without wives?


Park run was cancelled for ice. Gunna make a veggie breakfast burrito then go run around a reservoir in the cold cause I’m silly


If you are someone who hates joy and your own kid, you fabricate a scenario where your spawn gloms handfuls of cake into its pointless gaping maw and then get photos of the dull, banal outcome


Well, I’ve got a camera and could definitely point it at a small human eating cake.

Tell them, i’ll do it for the rest of the cake plus expenses.


“I’ve got a donut I can chuck at your nipper and an iPhone. 20 quid.”


Got woken up stupidly early and I’m now gonna be grumpy all morning. Got brunch with the mother in law in a bit then no plans, which usually means the TV goes to watch football in the pub while I hang around the house. If that’s the case I’ll be playing vidya then probably making dinner. Pretty dull Saturday tbh and I really needed a lie-in.

TLDR :sleeping::fried_egg::coffee:️:video_game::woman_cook:t3:


Need to pick up something from the post office - think it’s loveless vinyl!!! #classicdis


Going anywhere good for the brunch?


:face_with_thermometer: :pill:
:soccer: :tv: