Saturday day’s alright for...something

Hi pals. How are you? What is your Saturday looking like?

The TV is off to Brighton to see Britney Spears so I’m on daddy daycare duty. Torn between heading in to town to look at the Gerhard Richter exhibition and go to the farmers market or sitting in front of the telly in my pants.

That Gerhard Richter exhibition is good, you should go.

We’re off to Greenwich for a 1st birthday picnic in the park. Cooking up sausage sandwiches first. About the sum of my day there.

Morning! Nephew’s football tournament, picking up some currency and buying a camera then got a date with two handsome hunks later.

Can someone go make me some breakfast please?


Staying with two ATDs and their actual dog who is a cute little pupper :heart_eyes:


Unpacking, and then picking up animals from the cattery and dog sitter. Hopefully we’ll get to do something fun this afternoon.

Really craving a burger.

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Me too please.

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A few jobs to do and then going to the driving range with son, niece and bro-in-law. Tonight we’re out for a friends birthday

Would you… it’s off the richter scale?

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Off to Visions, the only band I actually want to see are No Age. But it should be a nice day regardless! Anyone here going?


Morning all,

Still got this damn cold, on with the standard constant morning nose blowing at the moment.

Gonna tidy up a bit then watch the cricket then read.

Still umm and ahhing about getting tickets for the cycling.

And still thinking about how good Kathryn Joseph was last night. Should be more gigs and stuff in George Sq


Morning all!

No football or park run this morning so I’m going to look at kitchens at some point and play a bit of HZD.

My brother arrives later and is staying for a few days.

No idea what food I’m making but I could well fancy a curry.

Not much planned at all. Big credit card bill this month so I’m having a quiet weekend.

I was thinking of watching Palace Toulouse, but I’ll have plenty of opportunity to do that this season. Sorry.


I was awoken an hour early. However, no one else has got themselves in gear yet so I am still waiting for someone to be around to watch R so I can have a shower, bedroom was still almost 30° through the night so I was ridiculously sweaty and would really like to be clean again :anguished:

Was also planning to go to the library and this probably won’t happen now. Boo.

Ooh, thanks for the tip!


I haven’t seen them since 2010. I hope they’re brilliant!

No Age are great.

Off to the dales with my brothers then onto a family wedding tomorrow. Currently arguing with my older brother about whose car we take, which i suspect is mainly about who controls the tunes.

I’m very hungover and have a very long day ahead of me. I have to do the following:

  • Go to the tip with my GF’s Dad.
  • Play a part in a music video.
  • Collect my amp from last night’s venue.
  • Clean black mould off the roof of our practice space.
  • Construct a shitload of Ikea furniture.
  • Paint our bedroom.

I’m going to keel over during that.

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Uncle Rick is on Saturday Kitchen!


Was great! Songs were easy enough to play and I think I did well. If there’s pictures online I’ll put them up; I ended up wearing tights and only tights onstage.

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