Saturday Day Thread

Hello Dis,

Woke up early, feeling groggy. Need water. Just in bed listening to Sigur Ros.

Playing tennis a bit later. Then no plans after that might go for a pub lunch.

What’s everyone up to today?

Good start. Walking home from work and walked into a spider’s web. Spider on face and everything. :spider: :spider: :spider:


V woke early so we are all awake early. Still in bed though, radio on and cup if tea so not all bad.

No plans today, need to go to library and my new leopard print coat is coming.

Got to pin Mr S down about half term plans…

Should try and do something today I suppose

good morning saturdayers. in the studio all weekend pretty much, gotta lug all my stuff over there on the bus which i’m not looking forward to but should be a productive weekend hopefully. having porridge and coffee first though :+1: i think it’s officially porridge time of year.

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Hey ho. Lightroom tutorials this morning, LCD Soundsystem this evening, not quite sure what in between.

xjsksbdhxckdkenrbrksk :yum:

I’m going to two kitchen design appointments, one at 10 and one at 1.

I’m not really in the mood for it either.

Everything ok pal?

Good luck in the studio! Don’t the sound of 1bar drum loops drive you too insane!

Ohh I’m gonna have me some porridge. I love it.

I still get this piss taken out of me by my friends, for when we were once in Revolution years ago, having some of those wacky flavoured shots they have (had?). And I got a porridge one.

What you got on your porridge e4?

Heck yeah :smiley:

How’s recording going?

Blackberry jam :yum: yeah big fan o’ porridge. What you havin’?

Ha no drum loops, the music is mostly done. Gotta finish writing lyrics and record vocals for 13 songs. So much to do!

@Matt_was_taken good but got the hard bit left to do :sweat:

Keep at it man, you’ll get there :+1: :rocket:

Also saw that picture of the pie your wife made :love_you_gesture:

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oh you’re the singer too? Talented man!

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Not usually a huge fan of frangipane but it was really good!

I will be having date nectar and nutmeg.

And an earl Grey cba with coffee this morn


Got my youngest nephew coming round in a bit for babysitting which will be fun. Also going to eat some porridge, probably with raisins and golden syrup.

Alright weekend crew? Narrowly avoided going for a bike ride through a ‘mindfulness triathlon’ on Vic Park this morning :roll_eyes: Consoling myself by having raspberry and clotted cream pancakes and black coffee :pancakes: :coffee:

Bro-in-law and his missus are doing the Cancer Research moonlight marathon through the night tonight so gonna swing by St Paul’s for around 10:30pm and cheer them on for a bit.

Where can I get moving boxes from? Nobody seems to be responding on Freecycle.