Saturday Daytime - Adults in States of Being

Morning all!

I was going to make a Children In Need joke bit not sure of both the ethics or the reason for such an action.

I am uncertain.

My day involves some drama, coffee, some holiday admin and probably some Nando’s.

The Child woke me up at six so I’ll probably be tired and overcaffinated at various points.

Good morning! I have woken up but I’d rather be sleepin’.

I’m due a run today, but it’s parkrun day in the park. I should really do the parkrun but I’m not certain my body is up to 5k currently plus idk I could run that long without listening to… Something

Going to SCALPING later today as well. Might make burritos for tea

Morning! Working on a difficult site this week so having to head there today for more surveying. Do not want. Hoping to be back later to watch some rugby and cook a vindaloo from scratch. At least the rain is away today.


Also woken by baby at 6, and taking a very long time to feel human. Currently listening to some Yusef Lateef, drinking coffee, entertaining little guy.

We’ve got guests for lunch so the rest of the morning will be tidying and cooking. Hoping to watch a film later on but no idea what yet, I’ll have a look on Mubi and judge my level of enthusiasm for the arthouse by the end of a long day.

Have a nice one everyone!


Been in work since 6. Finish at 3. Gonna go pub after for a couple of solo halves as my wife is down the coast with the kids today and not back until dinnertime. Today is the first real Christmas weekend.


I swear by my Aftershokz, use them for running all the time. Sit on your bone by your ear and then means you can listen to stuff and still be safe in terms of your surroundings.

@Witches I know it’s a week late, but no, yr chicken stuffing sarnie isn’t discontinued


Solo parenting the day, going to drag the kids and the dog to the beach.

Eng vz NZ in the rugby later. Some work to do, some packing, some house sorting. Couple of loads of washing to put on. Sometimes life is just too exciting.

Can i come? Saw them at ATG and they were brilliant.

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Got to get Rs hair cut.

Take dog over the fields

Go to niece’s birthday party

Chilli for tea I think.


Morning! I am VERY excited today because my sister is getting married! :ring: :sparkles: :yellow_heart: I will be kicking proceedings off shortly with a hotel breakfast. Woooo :mirror_ball: :tada:


Morning all :wave:

Everyone else in the family seems to be a bit unwell. I’ve got a bit of a headache but otherwise fine. Not sure what the plan is today? It’s raining so I wouldn’t imagine we’ll be doing much. Pizza later though.

I don’t want to bump the Friday night thread but you’re all right. U2 have a fair number of decent songs; Pixies are good but maybe slightly overrated.

Think ive woke up with enough time for a hotel bath

Thought better of you tbh.


0 is a fair number.


All the usual caveats aside, I reckon I could make myself a listenable 10-track U2 playlist. I mean this is faint praise given the depth of their back catalogue.

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U2 have some songs but Pixies have a lot a songs and records

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:kissing_heart: knew we’d agree


Still in bed. Feel very rough.

Think I’ve got a severe case of World Cup Fever coming on.