Saturday daytime - get some doughnuts

Morning all!

I won’t be getting doughnuts because I had loads of them last weekend but @Funkhouser should get some.

Nothing major happening in our house - Roblox videos and coffee currently; soft play later. I’ll hopefully get a chance to watch England later too.

Are you getting doughnuts? What are you doing instead?


Hadn’t planned on doughnuts to be honest. Might have a little think about it now though. Thanks for the idea.


Doughnuts is possible :thinking: very good bakery downstairs does them

Might go out for a little triplater but it’s a lot of public transport. The alternative is a day of nothing, of mooching and slouching and chilling and resting and tbh that appeals a whole lot

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Morning all :wave:

First day of the school holidays here. Weather looks pretty grim but we’re going to our friends for lunch so that’ll be nice.

Alright. Attempting to pack the car for a week camping. Theres too much stuff and not enough space :grimacing:

Oh and the weather looks grim today, so pitching a tent in the pissing down rain :ok_hand:

Oh I could go for doughnuts you cheeky scamp.

I’m still in bed, hoping for a lazy weekend. Got to test putting the birth pool up today and then going to a friend’s birthday meal which should be nice.

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My partner is paining the bathroom today so I’m overseeing the child, I guess. Though I have pilates at 9am. Weather looks garbage later on. Might see if they can meet me at the playground after my class.

Oh. Doughnuts. Yes please. Local bakery does them.

Fucking weather here is shite all day.

Still, temperature looks ok at least

After 7 days in 35 degree sunshine/28 degrees at night - I’m in Manchester and it’s raining hard.

Happy Tears Crying GIF by The Bachelor Australia


Alright, the Australian men’s cricket team


Urgh. Feel like I’ve had about an hour of kip but my watch says nearly seven.

Morning DiS

Currently chilling in our hotel room with mini and a Starbucks coffee & croissant as Mr s_w has gone off in one of the older cars to the car show early. Ill be heading over later.

Weather looking decent here today so thats good.

Hoping there will be a doughnut stand at the show as now theyve been mentioned, i want doughnuts.


Hello everyone :wave:

I woke up obscenely early despite not having slept a lot recently and have been sat stroking Cosmo for an hour. We were gonna go to Kendal Pride today but nobody seems interested in coming with us and the weather looks atrocious so we’re gonna stay home and clean the house, which has got quite filthy recently with how busy we’ve been.

I guess I could go Gregg’s for a doughnut, that would be nice!

Have a lovely weekend all :slightly_smiling_face:

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Morning everyone,

Need to clear a bit of the garden this morning. Then, a four-year-old’s birthday party at midday. No plans for this evening. I would like something exciting to eat but it’s a half-baked plan at the moment.

Cannot remember the last time I ate a doughnut. I don’t like them all that much. You all have fun with them though :smiley:

Morning folks

I won’t be getting doughnuts today - mainly because the swedish cinnamon bun place is at the Open Market, and I’ll be buying myself a pastry from them

Anyway, today my other half had signed us up to do a bit of manual work fixing up some broken stuff in the school playground. I wasn’t keen because, well, have you seen the weather forecast? And she’d been a bit disappointed, because she’d wanted to take Jimbo up to the Horrible Histories Prom this afternoon - but there was a train strike, so she was resolved to doing the school stuff. Except this morning a friend of hers had asked if she was going, and she looked at there are some trains running. So she’s off to London to have fun, and I’ll be doing manual labour in the rain.

I drew the short straw, didn’t I?


Is @keith on the payroll of big doughnut?

I was actually just thinking there how easy it must be to be an influencer…

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Reading in bed listening to the rain, thinking about cosy cuddles and coffee.

Guess the fancy barbecue I was heading to later is probably postponed :thinking:

Going Tezbots later so might get jam doughnuts, aye. But also vegetables because Dr Mrs Epimer is about to leave me on my own for a full week and if I don’t get food in now there is a very real possibility that I have seven consecutive days of pizza.

My son’s favourite toy this morning is a whistle. Great

Also, is there a board game more tedious than Ker-Plunk? Takes a lot of resolve to put all those sticks in to set it up