Saturday daytime - get some doughnuts


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Settlers of Catan

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Could go a nice doughnut actually. Rather not leave the house in this miserable weather, mind.

Just doing some chorizo scrambled eggs for breakfast.

No real plans for the day other than trying to stay dry.

Awake but it’s too early

Will probably do a bit of cleaning ad/or tidying today

I’m on a train to Stansted. Maybe I’ll get a doughnut there.

Morning all :wave:

Slept through my alarm, of course. Haha. That’s what I get for getting hooked on the tv series fifteen-love just before the witching hour.

Having tea in bed, then to the shower I go. Then breakfast, then take ten billion things to the charity shop if they’ll allow it.

Then to the post office! Theeeen relax! Wander around town. Drink coffee, look at things. Laugh, sing, then return home to clean and organise. Then probably finish fifteen-love. Fin.


Going to get so much pulling done in this, this summer


All this rainy weather has brought out the wildflowers in the Pit of Doom :cherry_blossom::rose::hibiscus::sunflower::blossom:


Someone at the Butty shop has just ordered two BEST

Which turns out to be bacon egg sausage and tomato

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Morning all.

My temperature is warm

Those prize draws where you can win a massive house on the Norfolk coast or the Lake District or whatever

  • I’ve entered one
  • Not entered but have been tempted
  • Not entered, they look shit
  • No idea what you’re talking about, CCB
  • Sorry, a £3.5m house would be downsizing for me :face_with_monocle:
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Never heard of this but surely there’s a catch like you only win a timeshare or it’s uninhabitable and will cost more than the house is worth to repair

I had a really nice pasty yesterday

and like over 12 hours later, I’m sitting here and I’m thinking “bloody hell that was a lovely pasty”

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Beautiful, you’ll have to give it a new name :bouquet:

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I think you get a certain amount towards utilities but I guess that’s for a while.

I think I’d soon turn into BoJack Horseman if I had a house like that

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I don’t think there is a catch with these tbf the way the press promote the winners. Hope someone finds one though.

You have 96 hours to claim your prize. Otherwise you forfeit it.

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Refuse to accept that they aren’t a scam

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Just woken up. Whoops.

Having a big poo.