Saturday evening not leaving the house thread


what’s up everyone?

Just had a little bit of this that was leftover

gonna make a pizza topped with tofu and aubergine and tomatoes

gonna watch series 3 of the wire. really fancy cutty. watching the wire for the fourth time I also realise it’s actually the greatest comedy show of all time. every single character is comedic. series 5 rather than jumping the shark is the culmination of the farce. watch it… you’ll see.


Evening :wave:

The best dramas are always the best comedies too. Can’t stand a dead serious drama, just makes it feel false as even the crappiest situations can have moments of levity.

I have nothing planned other than maybe eating another slice of cake.



Feel quite down. The trains out of Victoria were delayed due to a fatality and people were moaning about it.

I’m on the way home now and just saw the stopped Gatwick Express at South Croydon with police guarding the platform, on the tracks and under a train. :frowning:

Poor soul. RIP



oh no that’s awful :frowning:

I hope that when people moan about things like that they’ve just forgotten to think/feel for a second


how awful :frowning:

people can be so thoughtless in situations like that.

hope you’re doing ok as well, that’s a horrible thing to have to deal with.



Super dull day at the office.


Nxt takeover tonight to continue my wrestlemania weekend

Question. Do I grab a nap, drink energy drinks now or start boozing?


going to the pub in a bit I suspect. need to eat something beforehand. beans on toast probably

listened to about 3 hours of Crass today. also found out Bjork was in a punk band that relased albums on Crass’ record label. I guess most people know this. will probably listen to it later


sorry guys, i’m off out to mestizo. just had a ~2 hour nap, ready for some beer now. don’t think i’ve had a beer in over a week :scream:

lester <3





Pub earlier was rammed, but they gave me some sort of loyalty card reserved for regulars so… Bonus.

Cooking up pasta and spring veg thing, listening to Kississippi, and drinking beers. Gonna watch golf all evening bi suppose and try not to fall asleep at 9.40

I’ve not seen much of The Wire, so can’t get involved with clips :pensive:



evening all :wave:

despite/because I got up at 11* I feel really sluggish today, so no chance am I going anywhere this evening. some kind of southern fried chicken stuff in the oven, golf on the TV, maybe a bit of Mario Kart later, feet up, job done.

*having nothing but a bag of doritos for lunch probably didn’t help either


I’m in the mood for a horror movie. Should I watch Suspiria or The Autopsy of Jane Doe?

  • Suspiria
  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe

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Went to a mates pub and drank a couple of pints of wild beer millionaire. Supposed to be cooking for the gf, but prob gonna order in some Indian instead.


The TV might come over, but if not will go to the pub for a couple of hours. Nothing crazy, got stuff on tomorrow


went to the shop earlier and got some Mini Eggs (now eaten) and some other stuff to eat. having a cup of tea and gonna have a Lemsip after (actually it’s Beechams which tastes much worse - didn’t realise honey and lemon would be more foul than just lemon). got leftover beer in the fridge from a trip to Sligo earlier in the week, not sure whether to have some or not.