Saturday evening thread. Sponsored by CALGON.

Washing machines live longer with Calgon!


Never used it. Machine alive. Another lie.

Making stroganoff.

Watch some yellowjackets after dinner I guess.

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Oh yeah, so I’ve heard

On the way to a mate’s for dinner then a boogie later :man_dancing:

Hungover and have the fear. Hold me.

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Poke bowl can be a dinner meal

  • Yes
  • No

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Still waiting for my Chinese. Haven’t had a shower today. Will watch Love Is Blind later and maybe that Chloe thing on iPlayer.

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Oooh love is blind YES

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Is it just one new episode again?

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Woah a weekend evening thread! What is going on?!


Ant n Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is unwatchable. Just isn’t entertaining is it?

I’d never thought of buying it even though I used it on every wash when i was living at my parents’ house where there was always some in the cupboard. This is a hard water area, maybe I should start using it.

New buys

Resisted a £20 bottle of weird bitters

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Going to the joint headline tour in a bit.

  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Alkaline Trio
  • None of that type of fun for me

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Is it against the rules or just never usually happens cos everyone’s out gallivanting around town?

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Brinjals is back back back baby!


Saturday night dance I’m getting a Chinese
Pretty hungry

Had a curry, beer and gin. Feel ill. Eating toffifee. Think toffifee is really confusing name and advertising even though it kind of is toffee but it isn’t really chewy like you would expect

  • I agree
  • Fuck you. You think toffifee needs your fucking opinions!

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Is a bad name. But delicious.

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I’m probably gonna be posting a lot in here, and 99% of it will be fucking drivel. You’ve been warned. Cheers.