Saturday Evening Thread


244 posts? that’s too much, man.

hi everyone. I’m doing the door at a gig at the Pint Pot in Salford. some guy was just letting fireworks off from a traffic cone into the River Irwell until the barman nervously asked him to stop, that was fun.

I walked my way here from seven miles away to save the bus fare, that was good. listened to the new Actress album and ‘The Week Never Starts Around Here’ by Arab Strap.

the band currently soundchecking here sound pretty good. seems like an interesting line up.

yeah. evening!


Isi the only just evening?

Today has felt very strange from a time perspective.


See also: a weather perspective


I tried my best to keep everyone informed of the time, it’s a strange day indeed, it’s twenty to nine.


Feels earlier and later at the same time, probably because it’s the first time in ages ive went out in the morning.


feels weird that it’s this late. I’m doing the door in a venue with lots of windows, so it feels earlier than it actually is.


Has it been a nice day in your neck of the woods?

Where’s Salford again? That’s morrissey’s house right?


We’re at wedding disco stage. The groom is well into his landfill indie…


Evening incadenza, bam, ellipsis,

Done a lot of work today so mentally fatigued.

Waiting for pizza, gonna drink a couple of beers.

Was going to watch the football but looking like it’s gonna be rained off. So trying to think of something else to watch.

That sounds like a nice musical walk.

Need to do more work in the morning and tidy the flat for a viewing and take some stuff to new flat. So can’t drink too much.

Went to a leaving do yesterday and felt a bit sad cos was one of the better people at work. Smoked a lot of weed. So mega relaxed.


Half cut and stoned :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


it’s been kind of nice, yeah! I woke up really early, it was beautiful at dawn. it’s been pretty cloudy since, but it was warm when I was walking in.

Morrissey isn’t about, which I’m fine with tbqh. Salford is due west of central Manchester. I hardly ever come here. feels a bit weird, hard to say why?


True Lies update: Jamie Lee Curtis is dancing now.


Ate a :pizza:, listening to :notes:, drinking :beer:


just how landfill are we talking?


I kind of wish I was stoned rn. I haven’t really clicked with the guy who is running the gig, feels awkward.


I don’t think I’ve ever watched this one. which iconic Arnie lines does it feature?


I could really go for some :pizza:, but I only have a couple of :banana: to eat. :’’’(


Oh I mean the guy who’s leaving did, not that I am right now. Sorry for the confusion. I wouldn’t mind a little bit.


I’ve a slice left over. I’ll slap it in the post. Should be with you by Wednesday


Guard: Can I see your invitation?
Arnie: (takes out a cigarette case and presses a button on it) Sure, here’s my invitation.(Explosion)