Saturday evening thread


got up at 7 this morn and been walking about and boozing all day. think im gonna have to retire soon like a proper old man.

what u doin


Not drinking :expressionless:
Think future me will thank me
You liking ‘The North’?


Nearly made cookies, then didn’t. Fuck off, cups.

Might play a board game, for a change.



Walked 25k steps today with baby strapped to me, pretty from 11am until 5pm with an hour break to sit in on a discussion about the city throughout which she was silent. Enjoyed my tour this morning too, they always go well when a group of middle aged women come on it for some reason. I also manned a stall for a bit today at an arts market, my guides sold really well, should have printed more.

I guess it’s Gilmore Girls for the rest of the night now bubs is in bed. Someone bring me some milk for a cup of tea.


Hey Eric…

Been doing a load of study, bike ride, made some soup, watched Liverpool. Pretty productive tbh.

Going to watch some Masterchef Australia and have done wine now. Can’t do daytime boozin’ just fall asleep






I’m also in my pyjamas…


Yeah ish. Few things havent gone to plan and harrogate isnt quite as old-timey as id hoped, but still hsving a good time. Glad im only here 3 days coz i feel like ive kinda seen everything already. Driving out to fountains anbey tomorrow though.

Im drinking but it aint going dowm too easily lately. Thinking about taking a month off.


I am dressed but have wet hair and baby is in bed, plus someone in your block has my baby monitor so I’ll have to make a mad dash for it. Let me boil the kettle shortly then I’ll run over with my cup!


Makes me feel so old sigh


I’ll come over now… but I can’t ring the bell…?


unless you want to take the baby back with you when she wakes up, then no, you can’t. I’ll watch out for you. The bat’s circling outside my window now so it’s a good time to get in some wildlife action…


@Matt_was_taken have you joined us here full time now?


Anal Point


nice one, scout


Still can’t get on here at work :confused:


evening e4 / DiS

had a pretty lazy day tbh. doing a fairly long bike ride tomorrow so just doing some last minute fettling.
6:30 start time :frowning: so can’t really go out or drink


you can still see a bit of the C. Disappointing.


Haven’t been to fountains abbey since i was a kid… My parents seemed to like it though