👉Saturday Evening Thread 👈


hi everybody

some girls I like have actually started responding on dating app. this is nice! wonder when they’ll get bored and wander off?

feeling strangely confident after doing loads (for me) in the last month. even did some dancing at my pals’ wedding the other day. good dancing, like. a few people actually felt the need to point it out.

I was gonna go into Mcr because @DarwinBabe was planning to be there too, but I don’t think she’ll be making it, so I might just delve back into my external hard drive and watch some stuff on my finally patched-up Macbook.

what about youse guys?


tonight i’ll probably end up paying 10 euro to get into a club and then leave after an hour


what kind of club, shrewbie? do you go out a lot?


It’s raining here. Going to see some all time dogs then get ready for this wedding tomorrow I guess. Part of me just wants to be back in London tbqh





i’m on my own in an air bnb somewhere in a tiny town in the mountains, because i managed to fuck up my life so much that i can’t bear to be in the city, and have nowhere to stay anyway even if i wanted to. i guess i’ll do some reading.

plus side is that this tiny apartment and tiny town is super nice and is making me think i really could live somewhere like this, if i could like, find a job or whatnot.


Just got out of the shower with newly washed hair, to my astonishment I actually managed to get all the knots out of it as well. Gonna celebrate with a pizza.


Seems the honourable thing to do now everyone is actually aware of everyone’s existence. Oy.


just a regular one that plays pop and edm i think. quite enjoy getting smashed with me mates but don’t like spending 4 hours dancing to music i’m not really into, usually get bored and wander off pretty quickly


I’m going to eat a pizza. in the mood for watching some shit horror movies, though I might go out to the pub. that’s unlikely though.


you got a wedding coming up too, huh?

this one was in Yorkshire at this kind of lovely hall, in the converted barn of the hall. they opened the door up during the ceremony.

obviously hate weddings, and felt weird during, but it wasn’t horrible, and I caught up with a girl I knew from way back when. first girl I ever asked out (failed :frowning: ) but we stayed friends. drifted apart since then, but she started talking to me and it was lovely, like she actually wanted to talk, not just out of obligation.

had kind of a nice time, really.


how did you get good at dancing?


a cause for optimism? nice :slight_smile:

got any pics of the place?

hope things start to pick up for you, sounds like things have been pretty rough. a clean start could be really good for you.


hey pals! i’m going out to a queer dance party and i tried to organise people to come and drink at mine beforehand but nobody seems very into it and now i don’t know what’s happening and i’m scared that nobody likes me and making new friends is hard :frowning:


ffs how do you do just a normal looking sadface on this thing


got good at football first, I guess.

no… but I’ve always had a natural sense of rhythm. and I tend to copy people whose dancing is technically good but not too tryhard. like my friend Danny and also like ohgood, of Old DiS fame.

just got to relax and dance in a way that is sincere, maybe, so you don’t find yourself hating yourself for dancing.


I might start celebrating minor things with pizza.

(not disrespecting your shower achievement).


Yeah this sounds like a similar deal. Really old mates going to be everywhere. I will have neither the energy or motivation to dance but a few whiskeys in and I’ll probably go full Ruffers and offend someone. Wahey


Syndol and strong coffee. Watch the boxing then go to bed. Been feeling really sorry for myself today.