SatURday evening


Pizza stone just broke in half. Fffffffffff


did you bite it?

I’m about to head out for dinner


I had the oven at 270 - reckon that did it. The pizza was well nice though not to be humble


now you get two pizzas!


Got chilli

Then going to a ‘disco’, what the hell to wear? Go full disco dress or jeans and golden boots? Or excellent summer type dress? HELP


Excellent dress for me slickers


Clues in the name


Watching classic Simpsons, drinking a few Stellas, meeting an ATD for a drink later. We might go to see his TV play a covers gig then.


Gonna roast a chicken! Make some hothothot salsas and eat it all with sour cream and cheese and then drown it down with some white wine. YES!

@slicky gold boots!? Disco dress?? PHOTOS IMMEDIATELY. I want to rummage through your wardrobe!!


Evening warno,

Bad luck on the pizza stone.

Sat in a nice pub in Edinburgh, drinking nice beer, watching the rain come down.

Pretty excited for this gig actually.


Which episodes?


Picking from seasons seven and eight. Just watched ‘A Fish Called Selma’, watching ‘Hurricane Neddy’ now!


Well hungover, ordered Chinese though and I’m slobbing about with the house to myself so that’s nice

did a bit of sick in my bed earlier though so that wasn’t nice


Hey, I just got here, what’s going on?


We’ve tried nuthin’ and we’re all out of ideas!


Going to the pub. Which One? Dunno


Still at work


out without a jacket

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I’m at a free festival in North London. I’m waiting for Toots and the Maytels. To hear Pressure Drop and Country Roads live will make me unbelievably happy.