Saturday Evening

is there no Saturday evening thread for today? is anyone around?

what are you doing/eating/drinking/whatever else tonight?

really depressed just want to die

I’m here! Relaxing in my very clean house and listening to my Talking Heads records. Might go to my local soon to watch the football.

Will link my DiS Through The Keyhole video here when it uploads too.

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What’s up Bam?

Remember it’s just how you are right now, go have a bath and be kind to yourself. Xx


Ate a pizza, now eating dry roasted nuts with a nice cup.of squash

Watching MasterChef although managed to spoiler it for myself earlier, what a n00b move

Evening all!

I’m feeling much better.

Made veggie bunny chow (shouts out to anyone who had a copy of the AQA Poetry From Other Cultures Anthology) and my last Peroni. I’m currently drinking a nice decaf coffee and will start on some bloody marys in a bit.

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thanks mate

Dunno what’s for tea. Should eat something .

Gonna watch the footy ball.

Listening to Autechre NTS session 02. It’s so so good. :joy:

JFC, Bernie Worrell is a beast on the clavinet on this LP.

Gunna make a Sri Lankan cauliflower & chick pea curry while watching the footsports

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  • Beer
  • Coffee

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I’m trying to cut back on coffee so I appreciate your gesture of solidarity.

Could do with a beer rn. Not leaving the house though :neutral_face:

Good evening,

I don’t know what to do. I have felt very boring recently, just cba with anything.

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I have beer in the house :call_me_hand:

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thanks (and sorry)

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I’ve started drinking even though I was intending work for a few hours longer. oh well, that’s that

what are your options?

just had enough really man, knew I didn’t really want to reach my 30s anyway