Saturday Evening

On the train home, going to pick up chinese on the walk home.

Holding onto the thought that in around 24 hours everything will be much much better than it is atm. Might eat an easter egg to feel better right now though :roll_eyes::no_mouth::roll_eyes:

hi noisy raymond and etc

thanks I will try to believe that.

Maybe I’ll just go buy some nice chocolate or something

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I can sit downstairs with my family and feel miserable with the football on in the background, or I can go upstairs and hide under my duvet feeling miserable alone in silence. I think the second is preferable. There might be other options but I’ve tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas.

Made some cheesy chips for tea and the only sauce in the house is brown sauce:

  • Absolutely fine, more than fine if anything
  • Bit unorthodox but why not?
  • Oh good lord no

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neither sounds especially great, but I’d always avoid football where possible

Were you at Selhurst?

the Brussel’s People’s Ale
good tagline

wish I had more regular access to a drumkit


Yeah on the train back now. My parents live a couple of miles from the ground.

Still loads of drunk loud fans on the train, the sort that give football a bad name.

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Hmm. I’ve felt that before as well Bam. It’s temporary and will pass. Like others have stated here, you’re an amazing person and we’re very lucky that we’ve gotten to know you.


Bam, you’re great, talented and a lovely person. Never forget that.


My Saturday night is :fire: L :fire: I :fire: T :fire:


@bamnan just want to echo what everyone’s said here, you’re great x


thanks everyone and sorry I wasn’t really fishing I just have a tendency to blurt out how I’m feeling

will :zipper_mouth_face:

football being at half 5 instead of 3 has thrown my routine, starving too

have fucked my ankle somehow so I anticipate spending my evening sat down with my foot up for most of it. Mario Kart is also a very strong possibility.

Beter hope you don’t come up then. I miss regular 3pm kickoffs.

Pics pls (of dog)


Like for the result, not the hooligans…

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was going to watch a film or something but I might just go to bed instead