Saturday evening

Should we go to a restaurant or get a takeaway?

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I’m going to a restaurant tonight - in Ely, of all places!

Can’t go to a restaurant in your pants, can you.
Not twice, anyway.

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Can be baretoed at home, which could help your current issue

All we do is eat. And if we’re not eating we’re talking about when and what we’re eating next.


My wife just said basically this exact thing to me.

Restaurant, less waste.

Tell us what youve had today, please?
I had a breakfast (delivered) cos i was hungover and extremely lazy. 3 saus 2 bac 2 eggs toms and hash brown.
Then two crackerbread things with philladelpjia and ham and c&o mccoys and a blue smoothie. Probably gonna get chinese later.


Made a puff pastry thing with red pesto, salami, feta and cheddar. It photographs awfully, let’s see how it tastes


Watching the west wing. Then bed.

Playing footers tomorrow.

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This is now the food thread

Dinner is the above, with chips and salad. I had a (intentionally) cold sausage sandwich, two pork pies, two bags of crisps and a donut for lunch, and toast for breakfast.

There was a point when I was getting towards the end of eating out the other day when I started thinking about what I was gonna have for lunch the next day.

Hehe imagine going to a restaurant and just getting a load of Chinese takeaway out at the table

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Having home-made buffalo wings and steak and chips and greens. Gonna be good.

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This is why im so glad i have invested in a gousto box for next week. All meals sorted in about 2 mins. Otherwise ill be sat at work in my lunch hour looking up recipes to do that night.



Niiice. We have some pastry in the freezer. I was tempted to defrost it and smother it in malteaser spread and sweetened philly, roll it up and make some sort of incredible invention.


That’s just crazy enough to work.

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