Saturday Evening

Is anyone into birdwatching? used to go a lot with my dad when I was young but haven’t been since, would like to get back into it. i’ve bought myself a bird book
What videos did you used to watch when you stayed with your grandparents?
What are the best WTF episodes? i’m downloading audio from some of the old ones that are on youtube e.g. - YouTube

Go every night m9 wayaaaaay

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birdwatching sounds like the most boring thing imaginable. sorry

can people see if you flag their posts?


Shocking cold seems to be on the way out now. Spending the weekend with the tv and her extended family at Center Parcs. Swam a bit, played a bit of table tennis and watched NZ decimate SA in the rugby. Now having a bbq and watching Oz play Argentina. #lazyweekend

Just had a pretty solid nap. Heading out in a min to watch “A monster with a thousand heads” which i’ve been meaning to watch for ages and really looking forward to. Then it’s pretty much just back to bed after that and to work tomorrow morning. Just said yes to starting my shift two hours earlier than planned as well, had already cancelled all plans for tonight so why not get paid for two extra hours.

how was the omelette?

I’m just chilling at home tonight. My boyfriend’s been in Europe on tour with his band for the last 9 days and he gets home late tonight, so that’s good. I’ve watched a lot of films this week and will probably watch another tonight. Now I’ve finished my masters it feels so good to not have something to do all the time!

I cannot imagine ever being into birdwatching!

Really good, thx. The halloumi worked super well too. Would eat again.

birds are great.
they’re like cats but there’s more types of them and they can travel in more dimensions


Birdwatching is quite popular round here. The Wash and the Norfolk Coast is like a massive service station for migrating birds, so people get quite excited about what they spot. Not really my thing but I can see the appeal of sitting in a quiet hide staring at a lake.

We never stayed with our grandparents so n/a.

Not sure what to do tonight- Mrs CCB is out. Telly looks absolutely shite.

My great uncle was a keen birdwatcher, so he taught me to recognise most British birds when Iwas a kid. I wouldn’t go out my way to watch them now tbh.

Would enjoy the walking around in nature bit more than the actual bird spotting i think

like i’d appreciate the birds but i wouldn’t be actively looking for them

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I know nothing about birds but husband is pretty good as recognising them because he was brought up in the countryside and has TWO bird books. He gets really agitated whenever I describe a bird to him and ask him what it is, which just makes me do it more because it’s fun to get him riled up about wingspans and stuff. The last few times I pointed out a bird to him that I thought looked exotic it was just a crow.

They didn’t have a video player but I used to watch Catchphrase then Gladiators then Blind Date when I went round to my grandparents on a Saturday night, my nan loved Our Graham’s voice.

Watching Scotland trying to bore Lithuania to death, it’s not working yet.

bored n trying to do uni work, should try a headstart on my assignments but i’m a lazy fart. eaten lots of chocolate, so i’m a doubly lazy fart.

Reading 1Q84, kindle says i’m 40% of the way thru, and i’m not even sure if i’m enjoying it, but i’ll finish it. Left loads of books half finished this year- Don Quixote is back in the bookshelf lol

I’ve got seventy pages of A Brief History of Seven Killings left. Might watch Frances Ha after Strictly.

gets worse as it goes on tbh

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oh christ. Probably should’ve bought the paperback so people can know I’m reading yer man

I thought the 2nd half was where it gets all metafictional? The parts I enjoyed most of the first half where when Pancho shat while talking to the man of La Mancha, and when they threw up on eachothers faces. Good stuff