Saturday fun thread



What you up to today? Nice plans? Dodging hangovers?

Think we’re going to the Emma Bridgewater factory shop and then popping to Buxton.

Have fun x


About to head out for an early climb at my fave crag. Then will rouse the TV on my return and we’re planning a walk in the dales. Decent.


Have fun mate


Morning rich.

I was literally about to press ‘create thread’ so I’m glad you got in there first.

I have a really sore head this morning even though I only had a couple of drinks - I think it’s the cider that does it to me. Got to to get up in a minute to go to play hockey and I’m not gonna lie, I really really cba.

Hope you have a lovely day!



Feel ok. Good gig last night, v. Respectful crowd. Didn’t spot young @Lo-Pan Dunno if aldous is always like that or was as high as a kite.

Got a mock exam on Tuesday so that’s pretty much my life til then. Interspersed with nice food and probably crap sport.


Uncomfortable to watch her perform at times. She’s pretty intense.


Good morning, wonderful people of DiS :slight_smile:

Early start: off to Cambridge to start Christmas shopping. Got bacon croissants though :slight_smile:

Have a lovely day!


Off for a nice walk then off to get a hair cut and beard trim


Woke up too early so I’m pretty tired. Off to that London today, got leftover Domino’s for train lunch :+1:


got some 7-a-side this morning, then [empty space], then I’m meeting my pal Stuart in town for drinks and whatnot.

might watch a bit of United before then?

oh yeah, might look into getting my camera fixed whilst I’m out. spoilered because this is… boring.

it’s like, an SLR, but it looks like a DSLR, and I got it as a gift from a cousin, who got it from an elderly friend who no longer had any use for it. got two nice lenses with it. battery compartment is broken, is all. been putting off sorting for ages.

but when I’ve fixed it, I’m gonna try and get into Nick Papadimitriou-type deep topography, including the documenting of place using the actual nice camera.


Going to see the mortgage man again today. No fucking idea what I’m doing. How hard is it to sell a flat?

Proper guffing at the moment.


Top mug



coffee and hearthstone


Huevos rancheros for breakfast. Mmmm. Making croissants tonight for tomorrrow.

All about breakfasts today.


Mate is it your birthday?!


Site joining anniversary i think?


Morning! Been for a swim. Got to clean the flat now but it’s so nice and sunny out… may just go for :coffee: & :cake: instead…


It is indeed!


Oh, actual birthday? Happy birthday carmen!


Wahey! Happy Birthday chief :hugs: Have a lovely day.