Saturday Funtimes

Morning all!

Wor Lass is working (on call) this weekend so we’re all up quite early. She’s invited one of The Child’s friends round for a playdate after drama so we’re now cooking for company and tidying up too before drama.

How are you spending your last day before daylight saving ends?



Up with the baby who is beginning his daily dismantling of any kind of order in our flat. After he has some breakfast I’ll probably spend an hour tidying after him before he does it all again.

Need to carry on with some work for a few hours then off to see my wife’s family for a bit. Maybe a scary film later.

Morning DiS

I’m up, showered, dressed and having a banana and coffee before I get mini & Mr s_w up. Mr s_w has an opticians appointment at 9.15am so going to go with him then go for a wander round the high street/get more coffee. Then it’ll be food shopping and at 3pm it’s my (very first) tattoo time! :smiling_face:


Morning all :wave:

It’s all misty and autumnal here in West Norfolk. Plans for the day

  • breakfast
  • coursework
  • lunch
  • heading to our friends’ house for a bonfire
  • jacket potatoes and bits for dinner

I’ve made a sausage stew to bring along, loosely based on a River Café recipe. 12 sausages and a bottle of wine! :crazy_face:


Bringing A to a jazz concert at lunchtime, then my parents are coming to mind her so my wife and I can go to two more jazz concerts after that. Very much looking forward to it.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.


And you call it that despite it starting to go dark at 4pm



Up as we are getting a new mattress delivered between now and 10

Then I will try to convince the kids and mrS to go out somewhere, likely fail and go out just me and the dog :star_struck:

Think it’s celeriac and chestnut risotto for dinner so that’s something to look forward to

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We woke up today to find half the power off in the house, after a leak got out of control with the rain and shorted some plugs. Thankfully it was “just” an extension lead that had got damp, so the power’s back on now. Should probably get that leak sorted though.

I’m off staying at hotel in Kent on a little writing retreat which is very nice! I don’t really have a project I’m working on so in some ways it’s quite indulgent but I feel excited to spend some focused hobby time.

I saw this passive aggressive advert for a pub the other day and it made me laugh

The disjointed first line followed by “and nowhere else even bothers to decorate!!” As though every other venue should be punished for laziness


I’ve corrected it now so you look like the inaccurate one.

I’m sorry for my error.

Alright. Have a feeling the boot of my my car will have some water in it. Absolutely shocking night of rain. I’m still tired. Great.

Dunno if I can be arsed with park run

Slept like a log for 9 hours but still feel rough.

Gonna have some dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast.


Every day feels a bit like Halloween in Chelmsford


Sounds like a party to me.

Anyway, i am in a hospital reception waiting area and the shutters aren’t even up on the bloody reception desk. Very hungry and thirsty but i have a diet coke and a banana awaiting me once I’ve been examined.

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Still a bit bummed at not getting the job and going back to square one on Monday morning, but trying to reclaim it by going to my bootcamp in the park and doing something cosy this afternoon.

Getting yard sale pizza later :pizza:

Good morning!

I’ve just had two slices of toast with peany b and a coffee and about to go in for coffee sexy.

Then a big bike and then a Halloween party!!!

I meant coffee deux but I am keeping that autocorrect

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We left the window of ours open all week :melting_face:

Hello. Done pilates, now in gym.

Shower, lunch, tidy house, hide from rain with my book. That’s the plan. The rain here has been astonishing.

Went for a run despite a minor hangover, had breakfast, watching some TV. Got a load of boring domestic stuff to do this morning but then I’m off to London this afternoon to see Allo Darlin’s reunion show :partying_face:

I got cheated out seeing their final show in 2016 (I was supposed to move to London in time but my job start date got delayed into 2017) so I’m very excited.