Saturday Happenings

Morning all!

I was woken up for the third day running by the screams of a child. Not The Child (who slept through) but I think the kid next door is having night terrors.

I’m awake arguing about TV volume with The Child. She’s going for an eye test later.

It seems really overcast here today but I’m sure the heat will ramp up later.

Please tell me what has woken you up and other miscellaneous plans.

Shouldn’t she go for a hearing test?

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Dog woke me at 4.30 then 6. Then kids came down at 8.

Plans? Going to the beach, sitting in the garden when it gets too hot for dog at the beach, going to the beach in evening.

Oh and a shop for shampoo ( which I forgot)

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Fuckin awful sleep jeez

The one she’s doing today is standard for kids starting school (apparently)


Woken up by the heat and being in a small bed. BiL has two 4 or 5 month old kittens, so they’ve had to have their windows shut :hot_face::melting_face::yawning_face:

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Got to dismantle a climbing frame. Too hot already

Woken up early with worry - (over) thinking about all the stuff I need to organise this morning.

Just off to drop the cat at the cattery, the dogs to a friend’s, and then I just need to pack the car and head off on a long arse drive down the west coast of France.


We’re off the the Hundred at Old Trafford today with the kids - loaded with drinks, snacks and sun cream. Women’s and men’s game today, quite looking forward to it!


Gym, bit of cleaning then off to the rents


Baby gave us a good nights sleep which is pretty excellent

Listening to Brazilian records :sunny::desert_island:

Feels like it’s going to be horribly hot today

Got a couple of good friends visiting us/baby which will be nice

One of my freelance jobs has reared its head which means I’m probably gonna have to work half a day today and tomorrow :disappointed_relieved:

Oh my fucking god. Both kids had incredibly broken sleep so Ive had incredibly broken sleep. They’ve also woken up really ratty and easy to tears. So I’ve also woken up ratty. Meant to be going swimming later. Then another late shift. Yay.

Watched first episode of The Sandman. Seems good

Went on a wee hike to the amex stadium and back

Had a poo

Now going to watch more of The Sandman

Off to a craft beer festival in the Capital, absolutely giddy with excitement which will surely lead to a sensible, measured afternoon of drinking


Morning going doing the Maze at Kenyon Farm this morning then back home for this annoying 5:20 kick off at Boundary Park.

A big group of my mates went to the afternoon session of LCBF yesterday. Reports of hangovers at 7pm

Take it easy tis hot out!

Up and did a 16km run :hot_face:
BBBQ later, footy, booze, loads of crisps and that.

Hopefully asleep in front of the fan on the settee by 7pm


Morning my loves!

Woken up by cat at 5.30 to feed her, woken up again at 9 by alarm.

Currently starfished on bed with fan on. Too hot for this delicate little flower to venture out (Godspeed to those of you who do), so I shall be sitting in a darkened room moving as little as poss. Although I want to do a silly painting this afternoon, a mixture of a frog and a cat. When it inevitably gets hung in the Louvre and people ask where the inspiration came from, I shall say it came to me in a dream. Because it did, and honesty is the best policy.



Sat in the garden with a coffee. Need to go to big Sainsbos in a bit to buy stuff.

Using an old phone with no SIM in it while I wait for my stolen one to be replaced. Made me realise how ridiculously addicted to my phone I am.