Saturday Hello

Hey up.

What’s going on?

Got to do things like driving kids to places and getting their hair cut plus washing and cleaning and admin.


Big match at lunchtime though so there’s that.


Good morning :wave:

Mrs CCB made the breakfast apple cake I posted last week! :apple: :yum:

So that’s a nice start to the morning.

Got a viewing at 12 so I’m taking the girls out for a walk in a bit. Pizza later. Need to do some interview prep at some point.


Going got a family swim at some cute edwardian baths later, so might see if I’ve got enough money to get some lunch on didsbury first. One of my new wall lamps fell off this morning because my walls are crap so need to somehow try and get it back in the wall.


first reasonable night’s sleep in about a week now :slight_smile: so nice.


I’ll be there in half an hour to pick up a slice.

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Grey and Miserable
Little hungover

Just put in the trashhhhhhh

Morning! I’m off to see Ron’s Gone Wrong at 10am because I’ve barely used my cinema pass since Bond started clogging up the screens. Saw Halloween Kills last night in a full but well behaved crowd and thought it was fine, a decent use of an evening.

Anyway, then this afternoon, we’re off to a pumpkin patch :jack_o_lantern: It’s got a maze and stuff too, and I’d like to get some pumpkins for carvin’. Maybe we can put the scooped out innards into a pie :pie:


the only pumpkin I’ve ever tried was a pumpkin spiced latte, can’t recommend that though.

Unfortunately, I love a PSL, but I will say that the quality varies wildly between Starbuckses. It’s a fine line on the syrup and milk mix. I think you would like pumpkin pie if you like cinnamon and lightly spiced apple desserts.

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it’s just too syrupy and fake tasking to me, I wish they put about 25% of the syrup shot in there.

cinnamon stuff is delicious though isn’t it

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Morning :wave:

I’ve been awake for about an hour but I’m still laying in bed.

Not sure on my plans for the day.

It’s the “season” for gingerbread and cinnamon lattes.

I just going by posters in Costa though.

Too cold to get out from under the covers, guess I’m just gonna die here

Dyou ever get a really strong aversion to getting dressed in the morning


got a weekend away with my festival buddies, heading down to Dartmoor in about ten minutes. Going to be a lot of fun, planning to visit some Neolithic sites this afternoon and then watch Jackie Chan films all night

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Morning morning, hey hey

Have a superb weekend lined up of essentially doing fuck all. Can’t wait!
Planning to watch the rest of Midnight Mass and Maid. Maybe start Reservation Dogs, Scenes from a Marriage. Couple of films I want to watch too.
Might go out on Sunday afternoon but will play it by ear

Already had one bed tea, breakfast will involve some manner of eggs and bread…

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on a coach down to that London they have these days to see A Friend :cat:

had to cycle 6 miles into Manchester for the coach after getting up at 5.20 without having had that much sleep, but I made it

gonna try and snooze a bit now, but I don’t fancy my chances. got Disintegration Loops on to try and block out coach noises

@The_Excession already made my day by being the best fantasy basketball admin :blush: :basketball: :three: :zero:


Visit to an art gallery, followed by
Visit to an art gallery, followed by
Visit to a cinema, followed by
Visit to a restaurant, followed by
Going home


Got woken up really early by some ducks or geese making a racket outside. No idea where they were, or what they were doing, but the noise was incredible.

Youngest daughter has a home football game in a bit.

Nowt else planned, other than lasagne.

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