Saturday! Hiya

So I ordered some coffee to my parents to give to m brother for a belated birthday present but kinda want to keep the coffee for myself.

  • Keep it
  • You dont really need it right now and can probably just buy the same stuff when you need to

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No milk in, so coffee can only be obtained once I’m at work. The eternal struggle.

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This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been to Paignton.


yasss queen


Morning, I slept very awfully so I feel abysmal.

Though today is the day R has been looking forward to and asking about since it happened last year, it’s… :rotating_light: :fire_engine: FIRE STATION OPEN DAY :fire_engine: :rotating_light:

I wish he just wanted to go with his das instead, I’m really not in a good state for this.


Been up since 7am with a toddler who doesn’t appreciate the concept of weekends or lie ins, already smashed 30% of my phone battery which is impressive. Got to go to a big supermarket today (unusual for us) then Horniman Museum later, gotta get our money’s worth from the annual pass.

300 mile drive to Cumbria today. Might have to go up the A1 /A66 though, which will mean no Tebay (FML).

Noel’s jumper from GBBO. They do a Frogstomp one too🐸

Not about to spent $240 aus on it, unless i fond out a dolla ain’t worth a dime

They’re only open on Thursday.


I’m the way to the cinema to see angry birds 2. Don’t even have enough phone charge to just put my headphones on and zone out.

It’d be good if they did like 3d glasses for adults that meant you could see a totally different film than the one playing.


Morning all!

Standard Saturday morning involving getting up with The Child (she refused Duggee and sat through one episode of Mr Tumble before requesting the pig), drinking coffee and eating toast for breakfast before I play some football. Quite interested in seeing if wearing my new insoles can improve my game any.

I’m going to attempt to get an aubergine curry approved as my evening meal later but I think it’ll need some sterling diplomatic work.

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The TV is taking the kids out for the day, so that I can get some rest - or as much rest as I can get with two spaniels in the house.

Nothing planned. Reckon I’ll be bored senseless by lunchtime.

All of those places you’re spending money are designed to make you spend more. Don’t beat yourself up over the idea that their clever tricks are working.

Obviously, finding ways to try and resist them is not childish either.

All right. Going to parkrun, hair cut this afternoon, then bbq with running club later.

Morning mwt and etc. Having coffee, eggs and catching up on masterchef. Going dahn sahf to see the family today for a bbq. Weather looks nice for it. Looking forward to sitting on a train and reading for an hour tbh.

I want to see both :balloon::balloon: and the new director’s cut of :princess::bouquet::cherry_blossom::rose::hibiscus::sunflower: but the timings aren’t great and I’m not sure 7+ hours in the cinema is going to be a great use of my day


Miniature village! Ice cream on the beach!

I guess they’re too young for Black Gang Chyne

(Tbh I found isle of white quite disappointing when we went, but we did go off season)

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Terrible, terrible night.

Got Jimbo home from hospital around 8pm and he was asleep within ten minutes. We had pizza, then went to bed, but around 11pm Jimbo threw up some blood so back to the hospital again. He stayed in overnight but not one parent could stay, so I went home and got a few hours sleep but not much. He’s got a high level all clear so hopefully we’ll all be home (again) soon.