Saturday hypothetical (not hypothetical)

Buying a house with an inheritance from my Nan’s estate (she passed away in January).
Parents are going to Ulllapool to scatter her ashes but I can’t go because of work commitments.
I asked my Mum to get a couple of nice photos of the spot so I could frame one to put on my mantelpiece as a token to remember my Nan.

Mum’s response:

:flushed: - bit weird…”

So, weird request? Anyone got a token to remember the spot where you’ve scattered ashes?

It’s unusual, and I’ve never heard of anyone doing it before, but I can see why you’d want that, particularly as you can’t make it yourself. Absolutely ok thing to request I think.

Sorry for your loss, btw.

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i don’t think it’s weird. i guess maybe she’s thinking of it as being a bit like framing a photo of someone’s grave? but it’s not a grave

i think if a close relative of mine had their ashes scattered i would want a photo of the place. personally i probably wouldn’t frame it but i would want to have it and don’t think it would be weird to frame it if it was a beautiful location and a good picture

sorry for your loss

Got to the bottom of it.
She thought I meant a photo of the actual ashes, like a little mound of dust on some grass, rather than a picture of the lovely Scottish countryside from that spot. :joy:

Cheers for the well wishes.x


That would’ve been weird in fairness! :grinning: