Saturday (I can smell breakfast)

I can genuinely smell breakfast coming from somewhere.

Now I want breakfast too. I have nice bread so it’s actually on the cards.

Then bike. But it’s cold. Plans?

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Eating Cheerios then going to the barbers.


Morning @tilty @jont2001 and all those below this post. And lurkers too (good morning, @andrew-lawton).

Plans for the day: take the eldest out for a walk (youngest is still self isolating); have lunch; do … some stuff this afternoon? (Idk); make pizza; eat pizza in front of the Muppet Christmas Carol.

Careful on the ice, everyone!


Just made pizza. Dough came out just right so they were really good, which is lucky as my daughter’s bestie is here for a sleepover.

Will probably make waffles for breakfast tomorrow


I like to think about how the 282nd unread post here

is probably referencing games PC tech that makes the last post I read obsolete.


Hey hey! Awake early for some reason but have a tea so that’s good.
Going to church then it’s boys haircuts at the barber as their hair is ridiculous. Going to try and get in myself as well or get mrS to undercut me again.

Might well have a nap and then watch some football. Seems reasonable for a Saturday.

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Just realised where the smell was coming from… I’d put a gammon in the slow cooker with coke last night hadn’t I…


Imagine if, instead of losing your sense of smell, you gained a false sense of smell with coronavirus. Would be annoying, huh?

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Morning. Going to sort some Christmas stuff today

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day



if you could eat carrots and have them taste like chips that’d be good. but if there was just a faint smell of shite everywhere, that would be annoying



Feel asleep early again last night and very annoyed with myself, not least because not intending to do so I hadn’t brushed my teeth and felt gross when I woke up at 3am.

Anyway, R is meant to be with his dad for a bit so I will probably sleep and that’s my exciting day.

Hope you all have good Saturdays


Alright. TV is desperate to get a tree so probably do that. Dunno what else

And I was imagining a nice smell :wink:

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Got breakfast now.



Another shit night’s sleep - this time the boy was woken up by the hail so descended upon us. And I’ve had to log into work this morning (and there’s more work to do this afternoon too)

Croissants for breakfast. I should probably put the oven on

Leftovers from that toddler’s birthday party you attended?


Alright chums.

Knee’s knackered, so probably mainly sitting down. I’ll venture out to pick up a tree with the kids though.

‘Going’ to a virtual gig tonight. I’m more excited about this than I should be. I miss live music.

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At work, knee hurts, cold, moany.