Saturday…I think


My neck and right shoulder are a bit weird which fucked with me sleep a bit

Scraped myself out of bed, having a coffee, put Scott3 on. Plan is to mainly stay in and do music. Playing 9 ball on a US size pool table later which I’m excited about as I’ve not done that in a very long time


Welcome to hell! Yeah, my 8 year old was obsessed with it (has weirdly gone off it recently). Bought him the odd £10 here and there, and then recently my youngest accidentally spent it all just clicking on funny hats or some shite. He took it pretty well tbf.

There’s prompts to spend money in every area and screen of the game, it is obscene.

Minecraft is a socialist anti-capitalist paradise in comparison.


Happy Saturday :wave:

Two teas and three crumpets down (x2 marmite/PB x1 cottage cheese which was pretty wild let me tell you)

Need to do a load of stuff and then, if it ever stops raining, go for a little walk to the cinema and watch Tar.

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Heading to the airport soon. Still haven’t packed.

Would strongly concur. There are ways to spend money in Minecraft but equally you can have a great time without ever encountering that side.

Roblox on the other hand is just built around monetization of the creators. So so pleased my two have got past that phase. That said, the youngest happily spends a fortune on Fortnite…

Morning players.

Didn’t get to sleep until 5am due to sore face and cat being silly cause of the sound of the wind and rain outside.

My dentist (lovely, gorgeous dentist) warned me that days three and four would be the most painful and he wasn’t lying (of course he would never lie to me), woken up in a world of pain (I forgive you, Toby! It’s not your fault my love!) and feel well sorry for myself.

Just remembered @Epimer having a thing for his dentist too. DiSers, we’re all the same but slightly repackaged.

The reason Wensleydale was chosen to be Wallace’s favourite is because animators worked out that out of all the cheese names, the pronunciation of that one would be the best to show off his grin/mouth in general. It was just serendipity that it also happens to be made in Yorkshire.


Ex-dentist. Cruel of you to bring her up, it’s only been three years or so.

Imagining that you started making up excuses to go and it got so out of hand that you simply ended up with no teeth left


Hour or so of breakfast, book and dossing

Off to friends to hang with uni friends and bambino and get fed thai noodle for lunch

Flat viewing round the corner after that

Then … evening stuff I suppose

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Just had my blood taken and posted off for my stem cell donation screening. The nurse said I’m a ‘good bleeder’ which I might add to my CV/dating profile.

Just had a McD’s breakfast and drinking a coffee whilst I wait for a friend to come and visit for the day. I haven’t seen her since before Covid so it’ll be nice.


My mum was supposed to go in the poundshop to get me a couple of multipacks the other day but came back with Cheese and Onion from the supermarket. No milk powder isn’t vegan Mum!

(I know worcestershire sauce isn’t vegan either but the crisps just have similar flavourings not the sauce in)

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Morning all

I’m going into Manchester for some food and drinks tonight and staying with my parents. Was gonna hit up a bookshop and get my ears pierced before meeting up with everybody else. HOWEVER I ordered a dress the other day and was hoping it would be here before I need to set off, but my delivery timeslot is a one hour window, if I wait for more than 20 mins into that window then I’m probably buggered and can say goodbye to getting my ears done or doing any shopping. Don’t know whether to just set off early and write it off, or wait in for it to arrive. If it doesn’t fit or doesn’t suit me then I’ll have squandered a good chunk of my day for nothing, but I also feel like I absolutely hate all of my other clothes.

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Forgot my headphones and book. So need some #content for next 45mins pls

Alright, cunt?


Just Googled this to find out. What do you think?

  • A goose has killed a human before
  • A goose has never killed a human

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Probably pushed someone into the canal and held their head down