Saturday in september sometime

On the train to sussex to ride bikes with @plasticniki . Yes! Beautiful start to the day in the fens - mist rolling off the fields.
Costa didnt have croissants ready so not breakfasted yet: better sort that out really.



Got a 6:30 train to London. Going to a wedding.

No breakfast yet cos I still feel full from all the pizza I ate last night.


Got a cold. Have to go to work but not until 12 so I’m hoping I can shake off the worst of it through tea and paracetomol

Do you have to change in that London?

Feeling a bit less rough than yesterday if still not great. Hoping to take in some Pretoria tourist highlights before an 8pm flight.

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Morning Thewarn, all,

Drank foe the first time in over a week last night. Remind me to not not drink in over a week again in future. I feel pretty grim right now and had a few moments of needing air last night AND was home by midnight.

Going to Bromsgrove later for a wedding. I think this will be the first time I’ve ever purposefully done anything in Worcestershire before, heck, I’m not even sure I’ve ever stepped foot in the place, so that’ll be nice.

Think there’s a Greggs Sausage, cheese and bean melt resting up in our freezer that’s going to take the place of the porride i forgot to buy blueberries for.

Enjoy cyclewankering or whatever it is you’re up to today.


No! Just changed at Cambridge but now direct (all the way to brighton, should i want it). What a time to be alive!


Got a friend who always eats 6 oranges at the first hint of a cold. Claims he never gets one as a result. Hmmm.

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Making pancakes, drinking tea, listening to Bethlehem Steel and possibly visiting a sculpture park later.


Got nothing in for breakfast :scream:

My father in law used to claim that drinking a full bottle of neat ribena cured all colds on the spot, and therefore he never had one either. Bollocks, mate.


Morning warny, morning everybody. On a train to Liverpool to see my first game this season. Beautiful day for it.



Meeting some excellent DiSers for Mexican food later, still feel absolutely rubbish from stupid tonsillitis so I will be awful company, but will definitely be dragging myself along.

R is going out for his first day out with both my mum and my dad. Not entirely sure if them trying to make peace through their grandson is going to work or not, hope I’m not making a mistake trusting them here :frowning:

Going to work in a minute. Cba levels through the roof.

Misread this as ‘vulture park’ and thought that sounded pretty sinister.

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Morning everyone! Got to do some work, then taking the kid to see The Lion King - it’s not going to be as good as the original, and I’m kind of hoping she comes out thinking the same way (mean I know, but the original is aces)

Wake up Keith!

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Just had a breakfast poppadom. Got some class with singing and rolling around on bouncy castles at half 9… For the bairn, I do these things.

Half 9 on a Saturday. Hope he turns out well adjusted and grateful.

Morning all

One of the fish did a poo about 4 times the size of its body. I can’t get it out of my mind.

Meeting later that I’m hoping to avoid as I’m not prepared, trying to think if a good excuse to not go.


Oh hello!

Don’t mind me, just lying in bed listening to Gleemer and looking for matching t-shirts for me and my siblings cos we cool.

Wedding today. Feeling a bit :confused: about the outfit I’m planning to wear.

Have a headache thanks to @elthamsmateowen.

Greggs cheese and onion pasty for breakfast😊

Happy Saturday pals x